B***d play

B***d plays are painful practices in BDSM, the basis of which is the v*******n of the integrity of the skin for the appearance of b***d. First of all, these are games with knives (scarification by scratching or scarring) and vampiring. In b***d play, the symbolism of maximum submission is important. Although it is the pain practice, but it is psychological factors that come to the fore here: the penetration "inside" the partner and b***d d******g, which symbolizes complete ownership of the bottom and a high degree of trust and intimacy. B***d play can also be part of the medfetish. Among the b***d play can be play-piercing, hanging on hooks, and other similar practices - although in them pleasure is based primarily on pain, and the appearance of b***d is usually secondary. Scratching the body with a knife or other sharp tool. Scratching is often combined with other types of games, for example vampiring: the b***d that is excreted can be licked. When carrying out this procedure, a pattern of scratches, inscriptions, and so on is usually created. Scarification - cutting the skin. Scarification for the purposes of b***d games is usually done without leaving noticeable permanent scars and incisions are superficial. This is the most dangerous practice among the games with b***d, which requires good possession of the technique of cutting. Scars can also create an image. Vampiring. Actually, b***d d******g. Vampiring does not have a special technology; b***d is extracted by the above variants of scarification. Entering into a vein is not done for vampiring! In addition to scarification, other methods are also used to extract b***d: for example, diabetic lancets can be used. There are more complex options, in particular, hijam. The method of extracting b***d using vacuum - hijjam, appeared as a medical procedure, but is also used by b***d lovers from among the subject members. The essence consists in setting up vacuum cans (canks with pumps are used currently), cutting the skin after removing the cans and re-setting those cans. At the same time, a sufficient amount of b***d can be extracted, which is used later for d******g. Usually a small amount of b***d is extracted - no more than 100 milliliters. There are special "vampire gloves" and claws for scratching, allowing to create a special atmosphere of the action. Other variants of b***d plays. There are other versions of b***d games that can be used in BDSM, besides those described - quite common, for example, is the use of medical leeches. Safety in b***d play. B***d play require knowledge and strict observance of aseptics rules, and the ability to provide first aid. In addition, it is necessary to have information about the bottom's state of health, presence of contraindications, the level of b***d coagulability and other factors. All manipulations are performed in sterile gloves, mostly by disposable tools. When using reusable tools , they must be sterilized before each use. Skin is treated with disinfectants before the action (for example, betadine and medical a*****l). After the action is skin also treated (for example, with a*****l or hydrogen peroxide, then neosporin), the wound is covered with a gauze cloth. It is convenient to apply special surgical labels (tegaderm). It is mandatory to have a first aid kit with hemostatics, cardiac and anti-shock d***s. Listed precautions are set out in the most general form; description of specific requirements is the subject of a separate article.