Humiliation (Playful)

Playful humiliation as a BDSM practice is the use during sessions, for the pleasure of the partners, of certain words and actions that the participants themselves would consider humiliating in normal life. In other words, these are actions that are considered humiliating in the society in which the partners using them live. For example, these are verbal humiliations: obscene epithets, the very possibility of the Upper using taboo vocabulary in conversation, ordering the Lower to use it in relation to herself, etc. This also includes such actions as demonstration of the subordinate/humiliated position: various kinds of slave poses taken on command, taking the role of the lower as an animal (pet-play), using her as furniture (fornifilia) and others. Another type of playful humiliation is various forms of publicity. Playful humiliation can also intersect with various fetishistic practices: for example, the element of humiliation is present in such practices as coprophilia and golden rain. There is also an overlap with painful practices (slaps and other impacts, where the psychological aspect comes to the fore). Methods of playful humiliation. Despite the variety of types of play humiliation, there are some general principles. In game humiliations in the context of BDSM two moments are important: - Contractual v*******n of those norms of intrapair interaction, which the partners are guided by in other situations. The possibility for the Upper to step outside the boundaries of the norms and the willingness of the lower to accept this is a sign of intimacy. - The presence of a subtext that gives the bottom the possibility of an ambivalent attitude to what is happening. For example, the traditional sexual context, when the words "bitch", "whore" and similar words emphasize the sexuality of the bottom and can cause arousal. But humiliations based, for example, on the characterization of appearance, do not have such a context - and will usually be perceived negatively. A caveat to the above is necessary: there is a practice of haji, also based on humiliation, but with fundamentally different goals (increasing psychological stability, not pleasure), as well as other techniques and limitations. Supplements. It is necessary to pay attention to a few more facts: - Humiliation refers to DB, and specifically to the section of DB called discipline. It is not part of Ds, although in a Ds couple, as in any other, playful humiliation can be used. - This practice is not at all mandatory in BDSM: a great many themes (if not most) do not use it at all. At the same time, playful humiliation during sexual games is also used by non-themed couples: various kinds of kinksters, and plain vanilla partners to increase the level of arousal.