Is Voyeurism A Fetish or A Perversion?

Voyeurism, as a sexual deviation, is officially included in the ICD-10 list and is considered a mild form of violence, which, in clinical cases, can turn into physical violence. However, voyeurism as a form of fetish, as a rule, is a harmless hobby, both for those who practice it and for whom they watch.

Fetish Games in Voyeurism

Voyeurism is defined as a sexual deviation, based on the overwhelming desire to spy on scenes of a sexual or intimate nature. A voyeur gets excited by watching someone have sex, masturbate, undress, shower or visit the toilet. And all this without the consent of the object of observation, of course.

Fetish voyeurism, on the contrary, implies the consent of a partner who performs certain actions in front of a voyeur. Sexologists call this just a game, not a disease, as the voyeur cannot harm himself or others and does not set himself such a goal. In fact, visiting strip bars and getting aesthetic pleasure from observing half-naked girls and guys on the pylon is also a kind of voyeurism, but not in a medical sense.

For a fetish voyeur, the action before him is more an exception and a pleasant variety than a necessity and an important component of sexual arousal. Voyeur in the medical sense, without peeping, does not get excited, since one of the main factors is the risk of being caught. By and large, physical contact with the object of spying is not important for him, the observation process is much more interesting. Unless escalation occurs.

Modern Forms of Voyeurism

Some sexologists highlight the so-called "screen-voyeurism" — peeping into the screens of other people's gadgets. Thus, voyeurs watch the details of another person's personal life and get excited, even if they see a discussion of the shopping list.

Live porn cameras — pages on the Internet on which girls undress for a fee and fulfill the requests of their clients — are also considered a form of voyeurism, a kind of social-sexual contract.

In part, even the work of the paparazzi is voyeurism, since it carries all the basic elements: the invasion of someone else’s private life, the receipt of excitement and harm to the object (when special piquant photos are published).


Sexologists note an interesting fact: male voyeurs often also tend to show themselves to the object of observation or to someone else at the same time, that is, they are prone to exhibitionism. But women voyeurs prone to sadism. And all this can be considered a harmless game until physical violence is committed.