Profile on the site of fetish dating: filling in correctly

Humanity is confidently moving into virtual life. Immediately it is in gadgets, and then in augmented and virtual realities will relocate. Everything now happens there: meetings, socializing, weddings and divorces, the loudest scandals are buzzing and gossip is quietly whispering. No wonder that a dating site or social network is almost a must-have for a modern person. And if with ordinary profiles on dating sites and on social networks everything is more or less clear, then what about fetish dating?

Choosing the Right One: Nickname and Photo

In the fetish party, there is a unique opportunity to maintain the anonymity – if desired – and put on a mask. On the Internet, everyone uses this rule anyway, but on a dating site you will need more than the desire to stand out or be different. Your nickname is how you will be perceived in the community, try to make it consistent with your internal state. Therefore, discard all these i*******e diminutive-affectionate “Vanilla”, “Sexy cat”, “Affectionate beast”. But straightforwardness is also useless, you can indicate your status as a slave further, and your name should be something that will caress your hearing, and not constantly inform you of your desire.

As for the photo, there are some important tips. If you want to preserve your identity for as long as possible and are ready to open only to those who are trusted, choose something neutral, but speaking about your hobbies, inclinations or preferences. If you are a fetish Mistress or Master, they want to see your image, select a part of the image and offer to “earn” the right to see the full one.

Blocks "About Me", Preferences, Hobbies, Taboos

Do not write an autobiography, but if you wrote, postpone it for a week or two, and check with a fresh look. I’m sure you’ll throw away half without even thinking. Imagine that you have a random companion in front of you and you only have five minutes to tell about yourself: what are you ready to tell and what to share? And write this down.

Leave all these listings of positive and negative qualities, provide an opportunity to know you in communication and interaction and draw their own conclusions. In addition, you are not writing a resume.

Typically, profiles are equipped with checklists with a list of practices and fetishes, check the boxes next to those that you like the most. If you are interested in something but have not tried it, indicate this separately. An open statement of preferences will help you find like-minded people, and frankness will help you win them over.

Describe taboos, always and in great detail. Always, hear? This is not something that should be kept secret, discard any constraints and fears in this matter. It is much worse if something happens already in the process and you have a drop.

Be sure to clearly indicate your role in BDSM, what would you like, what you have already tried and what practices you prefer, what you are open to. But do not specify the potential partner – only in general terms. Unless appearance is part of your fetish and a prerequisite. In general, it is advisable to write in the column about finding a partner as concisely as in the block about yourself. You do not know how people perceive themselves and what they associate with, the more specifics you indicate, the less potential partners will write to you. Better find out everything during communication.