R**e play is the sexual practice and practice of BDSM. Dreams of r**e is a very common fantasy in women, including sadomasochists. It is important that women who dream of this, in fact, do NOT want to be really r**ed. They want to feel helpless, humiliated, while they are important to feel the desire of a man. In addition, they want to get rid of moral responsibility for the pleasure that they experience in sex, including - sex in ways that they consider unacceptable because of their upbringing. In other words, they want to get emotions from r**e but on condition of safety. This is the goal of r**e play - to feed the bottom with tasty emotions from sexual abuse over her, provided that she has given preliminary consent to the game. Emotions that arise during r**e play are based on such a feature of the human psyche as ambivalence, that is, the ability to simultaneously experience opposite emotions in relation to the same action or person. Question of the use of depersonalization in this practice remains controversial. There are supporters of one, and the another approach. As a rule, r**e play does not require depersonalization during the game. The bottom participates in it personally. However, it is possible to use an element of influence - for example, when the perception of herself as a "slave" (and the perception of others at the same time) is different from the usual. In this case, it is possible to r**e a game character - a "slave". R**e play methods. This game requires careful planning and preliminary preparation. It is desirable for partners to know each other beforehand, because they can differently understand the defaults. It is necessary to discuss such moments, such as taboo on certain types of penetration, the ability to tear clothes, use slaps, and so on. In general, the bottoms will actively resist within the game, receiving strong emotions from this, and special measures to overcome the contradiction with "consent violence" are not required. There are several ways to stimulate these emotions. - Creation of appropriate environment. For example, a night forest in itself causes a strong sense of fear. - Creating additional incentives to avoid r**e, for example, competitive: you have to go through a certain route, outsmarting the pursuer. Alternatively, reward in the event that it was possible to avoid it. There is also a whole series of other techniques that allow us to strengthen emotions from "involuntary behavior" while respecting it. In the process of r**e, various postures are used - the traditional pose is that a man sits on one foot of a woman, lifting a second on his shoulder, and a doggy style. Preliminary use of fisting and excitation by the hand of other erogenous zones also usually helps to weaken resistance. After the action it is often necessary to withdraw the bottom from the state of the altered consciousness, to calm, to make it clear that she is safe. If the emotions were strong, the next day, it is possible that some of the events will drop out of memory. In any case, you need to discuss the action in order to exclude the possibility of consolidating the negative perception of the partner.