Sex Toys: A Pervert Novice Set

It’s hard to find a sexually active person who hasn’t heard about sex toys. However, few people think about all the diversity that the sex industry offers for those who want to gain additional experience, experience new sensations in the already well-known “game” or diversify their sex life in a couple. However, some toys can be used independently.

Toys for Women

The sex toy business was originally built around women, offering them ways to achieve pleasure without the participation of men. However, as practice shows, you can use the toy alone with yourself, and with your partner.

  • Vibrator butterfly. It is believed that with proper stimulation, the clitoral orgasm is guaranteed. The idea of ​​the vibrator itself is based on this: a lightweight silicone butterfly is attached to the clitoris (on suckers or straps) and turned on. Simple, practical and effective. It can be used as part of sexual foreplay or mutual masturbation with a partner.
  • Dildo with nozzles. The jokes that a little girl has a doll under her pillow, and an adult dildo, have ceased to be so when sets of dildos with nozzles appeared. Someone compared them with doll and clothes for it and the label almost tightly stuck to a rather interesting toy. The usual smooth vibrator serves as the basis for other attachments: a natural penis with all bumps and wreaths, a condom with pimples or ribbed projections. Depending on your mood or preferences, you can use one of the options.
  • Anal beads or balls. Anal stimulation can also be enjoyable. And for a beginner, it is better to use light silicone beads with small balls. Those who are confident in their abilities and skills can choose anal balls on a string. It is pleasant to play with them both independently and in a couple.

Of course, this is just an example of toys with which you can replenish your arsenal, but you will definitely be interested to play with them.

Toys for Men

The stereotype offers men inflatable or silicone women with whom they can meet their needs. All sorts of vaginas and ass-masturbators also cope with this. But there is something more interesting.

  • Nozzle for the dick. Fantasy manufacturers are not limited to the usual nozzle with a relief surface, which provides additional stimulation to the woman and increases the length of the penis. The ring with another ... penis also belongs to the nozzle category. If the partner wants to try double penetration but is not ready to do it with two partners, here it is an excellent solution. True, the use of such a device will require some skill.
  • Butt plug. It is a mistake to assume that anal stimulation is only for homosexuals. This pleasure is available for absolutely heterosexual men as well. Such are the wonders of anatomy. You can use the usual plug, and you can choose options with vibrostimulation.
  • Silicone erection vibration ring. For a long sex marathon, an erection ring is simply indispensable. Just put it on the penis and stretch it under the testicles. The soft silicone will not limit movement and will not leave injuries. But the additional vibration in the capsule on top will provide even more vivid pleasure from the process.

The choice of toys is so great that you can devote your whole life trying them and choosing the right one. But you can start with a small set for voluptuous and pervert people.