Fetish Dress Code: How to Get to The Fetish Party?

Having a great time with the company will not be difficult if you have a favorite place or an event chosen in advance. Fetish parties can k**l two birds with one stone: to pamper yourself and have a good time. Spoil the evening can only not correctly chosen outfit.

Fetish Dress Code for Girls

Of course, everything will depend on several factors at once: what kind of fetish the party is devoted to, the personal preferences of the girl and how strict the requirements of the organizers are. For example, to come in black leather for a light-medfetish party would be a movetone. But the erotic suit of a nurse, complemented by a stethoscope and a bag in the form of a medicine bag, will be very useful.

Always versatile materials for the suit – leather, vinyl, latex. Much more important will be the form: the main thing is not to overdo it with eroticism and frankness. Clothes, tight to the body, and without that leaves no room for imagination, so let it emphasize the dignity, allocate them, but not put on the show. Literally.

High heels, gloves, masks quite often fall into the category of masthave at fetish parties. Heel is always a winning option for any girl, but gloves and masks add mystery and elegance to the image – do not ignore it.

Well complement the image of any capes and cloaks, especially if under them the frankest outfit. As for hats, there can be a wide variety of accessories: from steam-punk gogles to shiny horns.

Fetish Dress Code for Men

Many men find themselves at a dead end when it comes to choosing a costume for a fetish party. Everything can be quite easy to decide if a man is a submissive and his Mistress has her own preferences regarding his clothes or image. But the top on a fetish party may look different.

One of the most popular looks is black leather pants, a shirt (or T-shirt) and a leather vest. There are also several interesting variations in which the shirt is replaced by a harness or a belt, worn over a naked body or a white, tight-fitting T-shirt.

Often, men prefer the classics: strict pants, shirt and shoes. Where is the fetish? Fetish is added with accessories: a buckle on a belt, cufflinks, a mask or a headdress, a whipping device or a girl submissive on a leash.

For action on the stage, men can choose as usual fetish outfit, and necessary for the role and image. For example, if a “priest” punishes a naughty nun with a spanking, their outfits will also be appropriate.

Fetish dress code options are quite a lot, which allows you to select and try on many images, the main thing is to connect the imagination.