Flogging by The Eyes of a Masochist: How Should It Be?

The pleasure of flogging is a sharp and difficult to explain feeling that a masochist cannot experience with every sadist. The thing is that no matter how skillful and experienced a sadist maybe if he could not establish contact with a masochist, nothing will come of it. Of course, there is no universal formula for ideal masochistic pleasure, however, most of them call several general stages.


Surely sadists will now be indignant and will say that every self-respecting sadist already starts whipping with warming up a partner. But this is not about the presence of this step, but about its duration and the used devices.

Most often, soft floggers, paddles or a palm are used for warming up. Everything will depend on the area of ​​influence and the chosen scenario. However, at this stage, it is important to monitor the condition of the masochist. As a rule, he is playful, jokes, smiles, ironizes and in every way demonstrates his pleasure. Almost like during massage.

Shock Pace

Each masochist has his own pain threshold and endurance, but they all love this particular part of flogging when strikes of varying degrees of intensity and f***e fall on the body. A masochist cannot lead the process, in his patrimony only his own emotions, and at this stage they gradually float out of their control.

It may seem to a novice sadist that the louder and longer the groan, the more successful the blow. In fact, this does not work with every masochist. Someone in this way only releases his feelings, overwhelming from the process itself, and not a specific blow.

Pain Absorption

This is a piquant stage, which is not available to everyone in full. At some point, moans and sobs cease, and the entire masochist becomes like a tense string. Visually, it looks like a strain. In fact, concentration is not aimed at restraining a moan, but at absorbing pain. At this time, the masochist is very focused on the pain that runs through his skin trying to absorb it and run it through his veins and arteries. Maintaining such a concentration is extremely difficult, and therefore moans only distract.

As a rule, at the end of this stage comes subspace. However, for this, it is necessary to go from the beginning to the end.


Often tears come out in the second stage. But the final tears can serve as a signal to two things at once: the masochist had a subspace or a drop. Most often, tears scare masochists, and they call the stop word, fearing just a drop, as the most likely outcome. However, in a particular case, tears can come out precisely because of the subspace – an overabundance of emotions. Masochists call this a state of absolute comfort when there is a feeling of comprehension, importance and acceptance.

The emotions of the masochist cannot be controlled by any side, even if it seems that it is the sadist who controls them. But it is a sadist who can become a source, a trigger that will release them out.