The Kinks of Aries and What Are They Like in Bed

If you had to pick one thing to say about Aries lovers, it will definitely be “kinky.” Aries men and women are indefatigable in bed and quite like to take things into their own hands, sometimes forgetting to ask their partner whether they like it or not. They never hesitate to be the first, whether it’s asking someone on a date or introducing some new kinks into their sex life. If you’re with such a person, you better brace yourself for a wild ride and don’t be surprised when you’ll find yourself doing an enema before sex or purchasing a full electrosex kit. 

The Good 

The good thing about Aries partners is that they are usually upfront about their fetishes. And you’re either going to accept it, or they will move on. However, if they do not mention anything, you better discuss your likes and dislikes before s******g with them, lest you find yourself cuffed to the bed with an anal hook in your posterior. Aries is a fire sign, which means that people born under it are very bold and passionate. A good fight for them is foreplay, and rough sex afterwards is what really turns them on. Aries can be aggressive in bed and truly enjoy some spanking and hair pulling, with some even going as far as having ballbusting and trampling fetishes.  

The Bad 

Unfortunately, the majority of Aries are quite selfish and i*******e. Thus, they are prone to thinking only about their needs during an intercourse, not really caring if their partner gets off or not. Of course, if you’re going to practice any of the really kinky stuff, consent is paramount, as you don’t want to explore someone’s fisting fetish without agreeing to it first.