About The Importance of The Collar for The Submissive

A leather collar around the neck of the submissive is considered a mandatory attribute of the classic D/S relationship. But does this mean that the collar wears every bottom in all variants of BDSM relations? Is it important to have a physical confirmation of the Master and slave relationship?

Collar As A Sign of Ownership and Control

The collar always chooses and puts on the Top. This rule is never discussed or contested. Since BDSM is primarily about psychology, the collar itself, as a sign of ownership and control, should be “in the head” of the submissive, and its physical embodiment should serve as a reminder. Wearing a collar on the submissive, Top not only claims his rights and marks the territory, making it clear to everyone else that this bottom cannot be touched, but also takes responsibility for his partner. Therefore, the collar from the Top is also a manifestation of care and love.

Collar As A Symbol Of Loyalty And Belonging

The decision to wear a collar takes the bottom and, even more, asks his Master for it. From the point of view of an established relationship, this is a kind of oath of allegiance. In fact, this can be compared with the exchange of rings and oaths at the altar, but with a much more serious and deep underlying reason. Indeed, in the case of marriage, partnerships are established, where both have the right to say something, while in D/S relations, the bottom position is still subordinate.

Collar As An Educational Measure

The collar and leash can also serve as an educational measure for those who "got out of hand". This can serve as a serious punishment and lesson when it is important to establish your power and keep the bottom within the framework. Not the most cruel measure at first glance, but if the collar is tantamount to humiliation – this can be a serious injury. Therefore, it is important to take caution and attention to the condition of the partner.

Collars In Public Places

Public wearing a collar is not condemned in the thematic get-together, but ordinary people can be shocked by this accessory, so it is often replaced with something more acceptable in society or not wearing at all. But only with the permission of the Master. The collar can be replaced by c****r, collar-stand of chains or a wide bracelet, worn by the Master. The collar as a decoration without any sense is also worn and admited by other subcultures, but this is not our case.

The Ritual of Putting on A Collar

Like a marriage ritual, a couple can turn into a ritual a collar putting on. Experienced thematics claim that there is a clear instruction for such a ritual, however, this is still a mystery of two and they have the right to decide for themselves how everything will happen. It is important to observe several basic traditions and sequence of actions. Fans of games in public can invite their friends to the ceremony or do everything in the twilight of a room lit only with candles.

And finally. Not every couple comes to the fact that one of them needs a physical leather collar, many confine themselves to that one that is “in the head”, attaching greater importance to internal sensations and connections within the couple than to their external manifestations. But if the bottom one feels the need to wear the belonging mark all the time, he may ask for it.