Trampling is a practice in which the body of the bottom is trampled on with the feet, shoe or barefoot, in order for both partners to obtain sexual gratification: fetishistic from foot and shoe fetish (foot fetish), or sadomasochistic from pain and humiliation. Foot trampling has always been a symbol of subjugation, humiliation, and the acceptance of it by the bottom is a symbol of recognition of such power, and worship. The most common use of trampling is in femdom - as fetishism is predominantly developed in men. Varieties of tramping. There are two varieties of tramping: soft and hard. Trampling in the second variant can border on crush and is a rather dangerous practice. In soft tramping, the Top walks on the bottom barefoot without causing much pain. It is mostly a fetish practice, resembling a foot massage. In hard tramping, the body stomping is performed with shoes on. Both the torso and genitals can be trampled. That means there can be bruises, superficial punctures from heels and so on. and secondly, it's a serious pain practice. At the same time it is a dangerous practice: if you lose your balance, or as a result of involuntary movement of the bottom, you can cause him a very serious injury. Therefore, hard tramping requires compliance with both general safety measures and special ones. The former include the exclusion of a*****l consumption before the action by both the Upper and the lower, the establishment of a stop word, etc. In this case, tramping should always be performed with a prop to eliminate loss of balance. However, this requirement is also advisable for soft tramping, for the safety of the Upper herself. Heels should not be walked on the face, or in places where the pressure of the heel is distributed over a small area of the body, separate from the rest of the sole, on bones not covered by muscles, and so on. When inserting the heel of the lower one into the mouth, special care should be taken to avoid injury to the larynx - it is best done without standing. It is also important to take into account the weight of the partners, the development of the muscles on which the weight of the Upper is distributed, and other factors. Of course, it is necessary to sanitize shoes and body before the session. Tramping can also include other elements of foot fetish, or on the contrary, painful practices. Trapling can also be combined with the performance of some sexual practices - for example, masturbation of the partner with the foot.