Stocking Fetish

Stocking fetish is a fetish that is always with you. It can excite equally as much as the one on whom the stockings are worn, and the one who likes to look at them. In general, as foot fetish, these are fun for two.

Capron, Latex or Vinyl?

According to practice, the material of which stockings are made is of great importance. And although vinyl and latex look more thematic, many fetishists admit that there is nothing more erotic than a thin translucent capron or nylon stocking that hides and seduces at the same time.

Stocking fetish is equally attractive to visuals and kinesthetics. In the first case, it is enough to look and enjoy the view of the legs in stockings, in the second – to touch. Also, pleasure can bring a touch of a leg in a stocking to particularly sensitive parts of the body: nipples, genitals, buttocks.

Some say that the process of putting on or taking off stockings can turn on much harder than the most outgoing porn.

Required Accessories

In this matter you should be guided only by your personal preferences. There is no list of must-have accessories. Multivariate is one more plus fetish on stockings. You can use a belt for stockings or a corset with clasps, special tapes to hold stockings, or choose models with silicone strips that hold them on the leg.

In addition, the presence of the rest of the linen on the girl is also optional: someone turns on lace on all parts of the body, and someone needs only stockings, and everything else will be superfluous.

It turns out that for this game only stockings will be a necessary accessory. But as mentioned above, even their choice may not be so simple: nylon stockings can be with patterns, lace, different colors and patterns. Why wouldn’t you experiment with the form?

Men's Stockings or Intimate Crossdressing

Speaking of stocking fetish, we often imagine the graceful thin girlish legs in an elegant piece of clothing. However, men also love to dress up. Some companies have taken into account this need and began to produce men's stockings, which are particularly durable and slightly modified to better keep on a strong muscular leg.

If a man likes to wear stockings, most likely in his arsenal there will definitely be women's underwear. This is where the stocking fetish with crossdressing intersects. An additional bonus is that all this can be put on under a business suit and, while maintaining the secret, the one can enjoy the fetish.