The Wartenberg Wheel is the Key to Knowing Pain

Initially, the Wartenberg wheel is a medical tool invented by Robert Wartenberg to test the pain sensitivity of patients. It was used to identify affected areas of the body but was not widely used in medicine. But in BDSM – on the contrary, it is often used in pain games.

The Construction and Types of the Wartenberg Wheel

The classic version, invented for medical purposes, consists of a handle and the small-diameter wheel, on the rim of which there are needle spikes with a pitch of about 2.5 millimetres. Usually made of medical steel.

However, in BDSM, this simple tool managed to be improved and supplemented with several new variations. Firstly, there can be more spiked wheels: from one to eight. Secondly, such wheels can be arranged in two rows, that is, an additional “cassette” with the same set is attached to the tool. The design itself can be flexible and mobile, or vice versa, solid and monolithic.

Another variation is changes in the handle. Instead of the usual holder, there may be a special design that is worn on the finger, which allows the use of several Wartenberg wheels simultaneously. Also, two wheels at an equal distance can be attached to such a holder structure at the same time.

How to Use the Wartenberg Wheel

The easiest way is as follows: slowly drive a wheel over a part of the body, adjusting the degree and f***e of pressure, thus causing the pain of various intensities. You can use the wheel on various parts of the body: neck and shoulders, arms, legs, back and stomach. The breasts, buttocks and genitals are particularly sensitive to the use of the Wartenberg wheel. Even a slight movement of the wheel can cause a surge of various emotions.

Accurate use of the wheel can be erotic and pleasant not only to masochists but also to couples far from BDSM. However, pain exposure is not suitable for everyone, however, this makes it possible to explore your pain threshold and know the depths of your hidden "I".

Attempting to use the Wartenberg wheel is recommended by a carefully fixed partner. Make sure that he is in a comfortable position and does not harm himself with sudden movements. This is especially true if you plan to use the tool on the inside of the thigh, pubis, nipples and chest, where the slightest application of f***e can cause acute pain.

Like any BDSM tool, the Wartenberg wheel should be used carefully, taking care of safety and pleasure at the same time.