Gerontophilia As A Type of Fetish

Gerontophilia is a fairly common type of sexual perversion, which is erroneously associated with sexual orientation, while it would be more correct to attribute this to preferences and tastes.

The essence of gerontophilia lies in the attraction to the elderly. This perversion has no restrictions on gender or orientation. This means that a couple can consist of an old man and a young girl, an old woman and a young man, partners of the same sex, that is, an old and young men or an old and young women.

As a rule, gerontophiles include those who are attracted to partners much older. And saying “much” means twenty years or more. The generally recognized age difference between partners is 5-7 years, however, 10-12 years are still considered a relative norm in society.

It is not uncommon to meet couples where the man is much older, and his chosen one is a young nymphet. In such a situation, there are many stereotypes and prejudices. The most common of them: the girl is a fortune hunter and hopes to receive a large inheritance soon. By the way, an interesting fact: few people really think that the girl in this classic example is a gerontophile; most often they say that this man was drawn to the young.

The society has a completely different attitude to the opposite situations, when a couple is a young man, and the woman is already aged. Such misalliance almost always causes condemnation and discrimination. Women are often called “cougars,” and young people are called dependents, or mummy’s sons.

Psychologists name several reasons for the development of such a perversion: traumatic sexual experience with peers, poor sexual desire (asexuality, low libido), not enough or lack of love in c*******d from one of the parents, m*********n or violence at a young age. However, gerontophilia does not belong to mental illness and does not require special therapy.

So, what is it? As mentioned above – it is all about preferences and tastes. You can talk for a long time about instincts and the habit that has been preserved since primitive times – the search for a mature and strong partner to continue offspring, but the truth is that we all choose with our eyes. Gerontophile is likewise “driven” to his triggers in the appearance of a partner: gray hair, wrinkled and saggy skin, vintage clothing.

In addition, gerontophiles are attracted by a different worldview, a difference in outlook on life, different, not like usual, behavior or manners. Ordinary people can sympathize with these qualities, while the gerontophile experiences sexual arousal and is ready to satisfy it with the object of his passion.

Despite condemnation or prejudice about such a partnership, many couples happily spend years together enjoying each other in every sense. But how could it be otherwise when your fetish is not some part of the body or clothes, but your partner?