Nipple Clamps – From Just an Accessory to an Intense Toy

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy using nipple clamps and there are so many types and designs to choose from. Some nipple clamps are used purely for aesthetic purposes while others are attached to provide a variety of sensations. If you are curious to find out more about this kink, continue reading.

Staying safe is important

Nipple clamps are among those toys that are easy to use, but some safety precautions should be kept in mind. The majority of specialists agree that beginners should not wear these BDSM toys for more than 10 minutes. You can increase the time as your body adjusts, but you should always remove the clamps if you notice that the skin is getting purple in color.

Adjustable clamps are a great choice

Adjustable nipple clamps are perfect for beginners, as you can set the right intensity of pressure. Some of the best options for those who only start using nipple clamps are tweezer, butterfly, and alligator-style ones. Those who are more experienced can look into magnetic, clover, and clothespin, as they are significantly more intense.

Choose a design

Everyone has different fetish fantasies and, luckily, there are many designs to choose from that will be perfect for your fantasy. Nipple clamps come in different colors and designs, so if you always wanted to take your BDSM hookups to the next level, it’s something that you can achieve easily. 

Consider using clamps elsewhere

If you purchase adjustable nipple clamps, you can successfully use them on other parts of the body without having to buy additional toys. You can use your toy as a clitoral clamp if it’s something you always wanted to try.

Having a connecting chain can be extra special

For an additional level of domination, you can go for nipple clamps that are attached by a chain. A mistress or master can find different ways to play around with the chain to make the experience even sexier. In addition to that, it’s just more practical to have a chain, as it prevents your clamps from getting lost.

Exotic features

If you want something more interesting, you can find clamps with all types of different features, such as lights, small vibrators, bells, and more. Those who like experimenting with various sex toys will definitely find these additions quite arousing.

There are different types of nipple clamps for everyone, so will surely find the options that will work for you and your partner.