Page play is a practice of the BD, which consists in performing the role of a page or servant. The word comes from the French page, which means the page. There is also the servilism term (from the Latin word servilis - slave), a version of page play, when the bottom plays the role of a slave. Most often, these terms are used in the femdom. From the point of psychology, basis for obtaining pleasure from page play can be both sadomasochism (pleasure from subordination, as well as humiliation when performing a role with a low social status), and fetishism, both as a fetish for servicing and fetish for different parts of the body and clothes. It is the deviant sexual pleasure of the process that makes the page play a BDSM practice, separating it from the ordinary behavior of the educated person, on the one hand, and from performing various chores in the context of "domestic slavery" on the other. In this case, page play means exactly the serving for the Top, and not just the carrying out of any work. In other words, page play can be included in the "domestic slavery", but the second concept is much broader. Traditionally, the duties of a page include, for example, things like: Help to dress and undress, put on and take shoes off. This applies to both outdoor clothing in public places, and home one. Shoes cleaning, clothes ironing, keeping clothes in order. Help with body care: filling the bath, bathing, hair combing. Massage, manicure and so on. Serving in bed. Cooking and cleaning the bed. Reading out loud and much more. In the morning, serving coffee or tea in bed. Serving the table, food serving, is also the traditional care of the page. Escort - constant support at events, at home, with needs tracking (give a light, cover with a rug, give something, etc.) Using the bottom as living furniture - it can be a table, a rug, a candlestick. However, usually in page play, unlike fornifilia, there is no depersonalization - for example, the bottom holds a tray with food, and does not stand on all fours with a tray on its back, presenting itself as furniture. There are many other ways to implement page play. Bottom also needs to learn seeing the needs of the Upper, and not just follow orders. For example, as an option, imagine the day of the Top from morning to night and determine how it would be possible to make it easier, more pleasant and more comfortable. It is important, however, that the page play does not turn into satisfaction of his own deviations, but it is precisely the servicing for the Top. To avoid importunity, catch the border, where care becomes unpleasant - for this, the page needs a sense of proportion. It is always more reasonable to offer services, rather than impose them. The answer to the frequently asked question about the relationship between page play and DS is the same as the question of the relationship between DS and other practices. You can enjoy the service without passing on the rights in a couple, and even without having a permanent relationship in general - not only relations with the transfer of rights, but it is possible in the DS couple. Likewise, DS relationships - the decision-making in life for a submissive does not necessarily provide for page play, but can include this practice (as well as painful, and many others), if it is needed by the Top.