Sexual practices are often present in BDSM action in one form or another. This can be classic sex (vaginal), anal or oral intercourse in various forms, petting, masturbation or other forms of sexual interaction. All these actions can be a part of the game BDSM practices and can be a separate addition to them, and not be directly related to the Theme. So-called "sex in handcuffs" is exactly what is different from BDSM itself. In BDSM flogging (or needles, bondage, games, etc.) is sex itself, or at least its constituent part, from which the participants directly receive an orgasm or other forms of sexual pleasure. And for "players" BD and SM impact are only additions and prelude to sex, that is giving an orgasm. This raises the question of whether BDSM is possible without sex? You have to understand that sex can be different. Spanking is also sex, sadomasochistic one. It would be more correct to ask whether BDSM is possible without the sexual practices listed above. BDSM certainly exists without such practices. Deviation, is therefore called deviation, because sexual pleasure from traditional sex is replaced by the pleasure of inflicting or receiving pain or humiliation. This substitution can occur in many ways. In some cases deviation completely displaces the need for coitus, someone can engage in painful practices and traditional sex with different people and at different times, but can not combine - the "cocktail" of hormones turns out to be tasteless, and someone, on the contrary, needs pain or humiliation directly during coitus and he or her can get an orgasm separately. Another question is related to the traditional methods of sex in a femdom. Can the Top woman have sex with the bottom? The answer is yes, she can, and in fact it is just as common as the option with the lack of sex. Nevertheless, emphasizing the absence of traditional sex in femdom is very common. The view that Dominatrix should not have sexual encounters has gone from the West, where this refers to PAID Dominatrix. The fact is that for this category the law defines this: if she is engaged in sex for a fee, this is prostitution, if not, then it's the "service of extreme massage" by the whip. Of course, this tradition has no relation to the Theme (which is free by definition). There is, however, a number of objections to sex, applicable in the Theme. Some perceive sex as the subordination of someone who is the bottom one. That's why the strapon in this case is considered, and traditional sex is not. Moreover, for many, sex is associated with aggression or is a symbol of something dirty. These are only personal psychological features, fetishes and prejudices, but there are good reasons for some Dominatrixes not to consider the possibility of sex with the bottoms at all. However, in BDSM there are no generally accepted norms prohibiting Top women from having traditional sex with bottom (and also Vanilla or Top) men.