Pet-Play: The Psychology of Relationships with Pet

How people ever call pet-play: both role-playing games, and D/S practices from BDSM, and an unnatural state for a person. The blessing at least it was excluded from ICD-10. So, what is pet-play, what is actually the relationship between the pet and its owner, and why is it so important to distinguish pet-play from any other deviations?

Pets and Non-Pets

Most often they try on the role of kittens and puppies, fillies and stallions, bunnies. Rare cows, seals, tigers and other predatory cats. And this is a sure sign that in front of you is not a pet play, but a role-playing game. A distinctive feature of BDSM pet-play – a domestic pet in submission.

The essence of the deviation is to drop all responsibility and just be a domestic cat, fed and petted, played with and cared for. The choice of a predatory animal is possible only if it is necessary to train, and not care, but this is a completely different basis for the relationship.

The Top in such a relationship gets pleasure and satisfaction from two sources at once: possession and care. As a rule, such a pet thanks its owner, climbs to it, purrs or otherwise expresses its happiness and joy.

Who Gets Whom?

The eternal question: did you get the cat, or did the cat get you? It is also relevant for pet-play with cats. If it seems to you from the outside that everything is very simple, this is not at all the case. The cat is capricious and independent, he walks where he wants. At the same time, he has a master, or hostess, whom he is obliged to obey by default. It is important that the owner does not go too far.

Puppies and adult dogs are usually kept in severity, here you need a strong hand and will. Often the punishment of a puppy is a lash, stack or other whipping device, a predetermined pair. Puppies are taught to eat by the order, necessarily from a bowl, to sit beside and other exclusively dog ​​teams.

Horses are harnessed in chariots, harness and saddles are selected for them, accessories and the creation of a special atmosphere are especially important here. Ponies can s***p in the hayloft, d***k water from a bucket and eat oats (not permanently). Their owners send them for walking across the field, combing and braiding the mane. In short, in every way they care about.


And yet, this is not a game. This is a certain way of life, thinking and self-identification in special cases. Despite the elements of discipline, submission and masochism that are present, it is a mistake to attribute pet-play to one common BDSM group. Pet-play stands alone and combines them all. If you are looking for an image for yourself, you should start with a costume role-playing game, and then move on to something more serious.