Spanking is a painful practice in BDSM, spanking on the buttocks with the hand or wide, hard devices (so-called spankers). The word comes from the English spanking - spanking. Spanking differs from flagellation - spanking with flexible devices, for which there is a much greater variety of application areas. Spanking devices are variously shaped belts and belt clappers, as well as paddles. Simple to make and use, they do not require a refined striking technique, and are relatively safe. However, strikes with them are very sensitive, penetrate deeply, and can leave bruises. Devices Many sadists start by slapping the hand, especially during sex - but quickly find that the hand hurts more than the bottom. This is natural: after all, there are many more nerve endings on the hand than on the buttocks. Therefore, it is much more convenient to apply special devices. There are hard wooden and plastic (paddle, or paddle) and leather (different variants of the belt - slapper, strap, toe) tools for spanking. Paddle (paddle, paddle). A paddle of hard material, usually with a handle. Can be either of a single dense material (thick leather, wood, plastic) or rigid but covered with a thin material (bark, latex, etc.) Sometimes the paddle is perforated to mitigate the effects of use. The holes mitigate the degree of impact and increase safety. At the same time, these holes can put a peculiar pattern on the body. Sometimes all sorts of inscriptions are made on the paddles. Spanker. General concept: a rigid twin or single strap, with or without a handle. Vary in shape, texture, and surface area. May be provided with holes, rivets and other hardware for increased impact and decorative purposes. There are variations of the spanking device: Strap. A strap on the handle, sometimes folded in half, in which case the opposite end of the fold is attached to the handle. Slapper. A belted slapper with two narrow relatively short blades contacting the entire plane. May have a handle that is longer than the blades, or in another variant, the blades are connected on one of the short sides. There are also variants with a flexible braided handle (essentially a kind of whip with a clapper) or with a thin elastic handle (a kind of stack). The latter variants do not belong to spanker devices proper, occupying an intermediate position. Toze. A belted spanker, with a flexible paddle and a handle shorter than the belted part, often with the paddle notched along the axis in half or divided into several parts. Spanking methodology Spanking is most often not only about special devices, but also about its own atmosphere, different from that of flagellation action, which is focused on pleasure, albeit obtained through pain. Spanking is usually associated with a game of "punishment", a demonstration of power, and has sexual overtones based not only on sadomasochism. There are several traditional poses for spanking, allowing not only to comfortably carry out the execution, but also creating the appropriate entourage. This is, for example, a pose in which the bottom is placed face down on the Upper's knees, or she stands bent over and with her arms around her knees, and so on. The frequency and f***e of the blows is usually determined by the purpose of the "punishment" - catharsis flogging or fetish flogging. However, spanking can also be used for subspace or orgasm flogging. Safety Bruises from spanking with wide implements are primarily caused by ribbing. It is the greater width of the implement that provides the relative safety of spanking. The edges of the straps are usually smoothed to prevent damage, the same applies to wood and plastic implements. Pre-warming is also desirable.