A slingshot is a bundle of flexible rods from 60 centimeters to a meter long. Roses are made of birch, willow, mountain ash and other trees and shrubs. There is only one necessary requirement: flexibility and a little brittleness at the horns. The slings are quite a fetish device, because in Russia their use for punishment has been an age-old tradition. A bundle of rods is used, because flogging with it is less traumatic than a separate rod - distributed over a larger area the f***e of impact allows to reduce the number of cuts, and the quality of the rod itself becomes less important. Harvesting and preparation of horns. The best branches are harvested in spring, during the sap movement. In dry weather in summer, the branches become brittle. The twigs should not be too uneven, the branches are cleaned from buds and small branches. The branches of each kind of tree have their own peculiarities when struck: for example, birch branches are relatively light, willow branches are heavier, rowan branches are stiffer, and sod is more flexible than others. This is the basis of a traditional game for thematic sessions: the mase has to guess what kind of slings received the next blow. Roses are better to use freshly cut, for a short time to keep their flexibility can be in a wet cloth. If it is necessary to prepare them in store, the rods are dried. Dried rods before use should be pre-soaked in water - as a rule, for this purpose, salt water is used to prevent blooming. Cutting with rods. The traditional places of application are the buttocks and upper thighs. Pain from the rod sharp, burning, superficial, with a large bundle - piercing and deep. The wave of pain passes through some time after the blow, so when cutting, firstly, do not need to "particle", and secondly, it is important to catch the rhythm of these waves and either strengthen it, or wait for the passage - depending on the purpose. Even freshly cut birches are quite quickly dispersed, so it is better to have a reserve. The consequences of flogging with a rod are usually strong marks and a certain number of cuts, so after flogging the skin is treated to accelerate the resorption of bruises and disinfection, remove splinters.