Top 5 Benefits of the Leather (Compared to Latex and Vinyl)

The modern industry offers a wide variety of materials for both clothing and related BDSM items: devices, accessories, fixation kits and suspensions. However, for many Masters, leather is still the undisputed favorite. And that's why.

  • “Live” Material

Genuine leather is an ideal material for the fetishist and thematic. It has a nice smell (as opposed to rubber "aftertaste" of latex or vinyl), texture and pleasant to the touch. Connoisseurs of latex and vinyl may argue that a smooth and glossy surface gives no less pleasant sensations, but these materials cannot boast with the ability to “warm up”. The leather is the only material that keeps you warm, so it's great for outdoor sessions or daily wear.

  • Variety of Options: Leather Grade, Method Of Dressing, Color

Vinyl and latex are limited only by color and density, while leather offers the widest variety. Starting from the "source" – sheep, goat, cattle, horse, – and to the methods of dressing. Smooth and glossy, rough or lacquered – the leather can be painted in any color without loss of quality and its main characteristics. Do not forget about the exotic types of leather: kangaroos, ostrich, stingray, reptiles, etc. No material can provide such a huge choice for gourmets and ordinary people.

  • Durability and Longevity

Any products made of genuine leather with proper care can serve for years or even decades. Latex, vinyl and imitation leather substitutes quickly lose their attractive appearance and become useless after a year or two. Leather accessories can please the eye of the owner from three to five years. According to experts, timely care (lubrication with a special substance, compliance with storage conditions) will double this period.

  • The Universality of Application (Clothes, Accessories, Devices)

Vinyl handbags and wallets, latex belts and stockings, leather bracelets and c*****s – surely one of the accessories will be in the arsenal of the fashionista. But the largest number of BDSM attributes can be made with leather only: from clothing and related items to devices and fixtures. Moreover, it will be a truly convenient and practical thing that can be grabbed for a thematic meeting, as well as for get-togethers with friends. If it is not about something very specific, for example, singletail or flogger.

  • Security

It is unlikely that you will use latex or vinyl during practics with fire, but it is important to remember that only leather – genuine, well-dressed leather – does not burn. Therefore, leather gloves are safer to use than latex, although they do not seem so elegant and sexy.


Of course, the choice of material for clothes or accessories is a matter of taste, preferences and fetishes. But it is impossible to release from the attention the practical side of the issue as well. If you do not pursue fashion, but look for something individual and durable, leather is your choice.