Slapping is one of BDSM practices, in most cases referred to the discipline section (DB), because the impact of slapping is mainly psychological, but occupying an intermediate position with SM. The English name of the practice (face slapping) is practically not used in the Russian-speaking environment. The effect of slapping in BDSM includes three components: disciplinary, playful humiliation and pain. First of all, the slap is the simplest way of disciplinary influence, and it can serve not only to stop unwanted actions and compulsion to perform something, but also to create the appropriate mood in the bottom before the main flagellation or bondage action (it is especially often used in shibari). Symbolism is also important: a slap followed by kissing the slapping hand is a traditional ritual demonstrating submission and inequality in a couple. Slaps can also be an element of sexual play: in some lower men they cause a strong sexual excitement. Slapping technique and safety. Despite its apparent simplicity, slapping requires knowledge of some peculiarities. Actors, for example, are specially trained to give slaps - so as not to hurt the partner, and at the same time the blow was ringing. On the network there are clips on which you can understand this technique. The area of the blow should be limited to the cheek (a blow to the nearby temple and ear can have unpleasant consequences). The blow is usually not delivered with full f***e. There should be no rings on the hand. The mouth must be closed during the blow: a slap with the mouth open often causes damage to bones or ligaments at the junction or dislocation of the jaw! One must also keep in mind all sorts of fresh fillings, as well as contact lenses at the bottom - they can fall out. But the main thing is still consistency - the attitude to slapping should be agreed upon in advance. Many people categorically do not accept such an impact.