Forniphilia: How and Why?

The term “Forniphilia” owes its appearance to the erotic artist Jeff Gord, a practitioner of BDSM. Experimenting in search of new ways to get pleasure, he offered his partner to be his bedside table. Suddenly, this was the beginning of a new practice.

Forniphilia and Materialization

In fact, there is nothing new in materialization, only its form has become more interesting. Forniphilia is a fetish, in which one partner depicts furniture, and the second uses this furniture. Often slaves become stools, tables, ottomans for legs, trays, bedside tables, shelves for books and shoes, floor lamps. And this is not the whole list of possible reincarnations. The essence of the practice is to completely immobilize the bottom partner. To do this, fixtures, ropes, or handy tools such as a belt or tie can be used.

As a slave turns into furniture, that is, a thing, the Master has every right to do whatever he wants with his thing: to fold legs or other things (inanimate, not other slaves), to give to his friends. In general, all this can be done without pretending to be furniture, but the stillness and complete depersonalization of the subject gives the practice a special flavor.

Fixation and Orders

As mentioned above, a slave can be fixed by special devices, however, sometimes it is enough just one order for the transformation to take place. With a slave can eat, but only in the dishes and with the use of appliances. The submissive himself must remain completely still and calm. Do not confuse forniphilia and niotamori – these are completely different practices. In addition, niotamori is an ancient Japanese tradition of eating sushi from a geisha's naked body. Forniphilia does not oblige the bottom partner to completely bare. On the contrary, a dense latex suit, catsuit, can be worn for this practice.

During the first practice of forniphilia, fixation is strongly recommended, since the body can become hard quite fast without using it, which means that the slave will begin to move. It will take some time before he finally gets used to the role of the designated furniture.

Mutual Pleasure

Even if it is not obvious, but forniphilia is primarily about trust and mutual pleasure. You need to very strongly believe and trust your partner to decide on the role of the shelf for shoes: the shelves do not speak, do not complain, and do not move. There won’t be opportunity to ask the Master to change the position or make the nodes weaker.

Each side has its own pleasure. The submissive feels his identity, complete submission, and the Master – his power, sees a visual manifestation of his dominance.

By the way, mixing forniphilia and painful practices is not recommended, as this completely destroys the essence of the practice. In addition, the submissive may suffer more from ignoring his presence by the Mistress, while the Mrs. will enjoy it.