Worship of the feet

Foot worship is one of the practices of futfetish, which is a combination of its various types, with an emphasis on the psychological component of worship and service to the Upper. The practice of foot worship can include different variants of interaction: the lower can perform pedicure, massage of feet, sniffing and licking of feet, but it is not the physiological pleasure of the lower from satisfaction of fetishistic needs that comes to the fore, but the psychological pleasure of serving and pleasing the Upper. The latter in this case has a sadomasochistic character (from submission and humiliation). Sometimes foot worship can be combined with playful coercion: in this case, the term Foot Slavery - "slavery at the feet" - is also used in the English-speaking environment. There is no Russian analog for this term, except for the rather illogical phrase "f****d footfetish". In any variant, both fetishistic and sadomasochistic motives for arousal and satisfaction are present in this practice. Foot worship is usually practiced in femdom, due to the high prevalence of fetishism among men. The historical and cultural roots of foot worship are obvious. Traditionally, in various cultures, falling at the feet of the object of worship was a way of expressing one's feelings, this pose also always expressed submission. Thus, the practice of foot worship combines both an affirmation of the statuses of the upper and lower, a way of expressing feeling, and in addition, a way of serving, as the Upper receives satisfaction from it. Thus, this variant of the practice eliminates the quite common situation when the Upper is considered by the Lower only as a tool to satisfy his fantasies. Therefore, it is not correct to use the name of the practice "foot worship" as a complete synonym of the word footfetish. Since in this case we are dealing with a deep psychological contact, foot worship gives the Upper an opportunity to receive more intense pleasure also from the reverse of the Lower.