Thematic Marriage: Is It Worth It or Not?

Undoubtedly, thematic relationships have their charms and advantages. Any active practitioner will say this, but will it be possible to keep it in the family, and more importantly, is it worth creating a family, where Theme is a foundation?

Two Sides of The Same Coin

Not a few copies were broken when discussing the question "who is the real thematic." Each of the parties gives arguments and examples, proofs and theories. And yet, everyone always remains with his opinion. The same battles begin when discussing vanilla and thematic marriages. It is believed that BDSM marriage is not just the legal relationship of the Master and the slave or the Mistress and her bottom. This is BDSM 24/7 and it also raises many questions. What is BDSM Lifestyle? Is it possible to implement it at all? For how long?

For some, marriage in a BDSM couple is a logical development of relations in the D/S or S/M couple, when proximity becomes maximum. Others prefer to divide the family with its generally accepted values ​​and thematic relations, where the evaluation criteria are completely different.

The practitioners of BDSM relations agree only on one thing: a thematic marriage will last exactly as long as both parties are willing to preserve it. And this is the only truth that is still indestructible. However, it is also suitable for an ordinary marriage.

So, What Are the Differences and Advantages?

Many argue that BDSM marriage is more open, honest and transparent. As the basis of thematic relations is trust, it is also the basis for a strong family. In addition, the separation of sensual practices with those who are constantly close enhances not only the effect of the practice but also the connection in a pair. Of course, the Master loves his sab, regardless of whether they are sexual partners or family, but in the latter case, joint experiences are much deeper, because after the session they do not disperse, each in their own pairs.

BDSM is often introduced as an element of diversity in sexual life. This has become especially popular recently, after the release of the notorious trilogy, in particular. However, seasoning for sex and total submission at any time of the day are two different things. And it is necessary to distinguish the pleasure of sexual nature from the inner thrill before a full session.

Of course, it also happens that the passion sparkles, the flame burns, the sessions are brought to the faintness of both, and the family does not work. And this is the case when BDSM is not the basis of relationships, but something from the category of the outlet, mutual pleasure. And here is another conclusion, to which all thematics sooner or later arrive: Theme is not enough for a happy marriage, but it is impossible without it if it is a part of nature.

No one has the right to impose their will in any marriage, thematic or vanilla, however, it is BDSM marriage that can make happy a couple of thematics.