About the Benefits of Fixation During Some Practices

Fixation and restriction of mobility of the bottom partner are widely used in BDSM, as an independent practice, and as an addition to the subsequent ones. In the D/S session, this can be an educational measure, and during the S/M – a necessity. Why is fixation so good?


Some variations of painful practices suggest that the bottom partner will be motionless in the process. For this, an order is necessarily given, but the fixation will not only “insure” the bottom one, but literally will not allow him to move.

This is especially important during games with fire or wax, play piercings and flogging with long ones. Yes, during the classic flogging or cat flogging, the partner also needs immobility, but an accidentally slipped device will not do as much harm as a three-meter long one-tail. That is, in fact, fixation protects the bottom from accidental damage during painful practice.

Mix and Feel Enhancement

As for the sensations – helplessness and defenselessness, which are provided by fixation, season the flogging, making it “sharper”. Mixing practices is not uncommon during a BDSM session. The addition of bondage and suspension with flogging brings the bottom partner to ecstasy much faster.

It can be fixed both in a convenient position to ensure safety during piercing play, for example, and in a not very comfortable position. An additional inconvenience can serve as a trigger for the release of emotions of the bottom partner.

St. Andrew's Cross is an ideal fixture for fixing in an upright position. Spacers for the arms and legs can also be used, which essentially mimic a similar posture. The maximum open body of the bottom partner can be subjected to any t*****e or affection, depending on the selected session scenario.

Fixation with Bracelets, Ropes and Improvised Things

You can immobilize a partner fully or partially, using a variety of devices for this. You can take special leather bracelets and leggings, use handcuffs, ropes (never synthetic ones!), ribbons or even a belt. Everything will depend on your preferences or mood. In addition, if the fixation is part of a role-playing game, for example, in a policeman and an intruder, the device will be predetermined by the surroundings.

Fixation may be supplemented by sensory deprivation, but it is important to determine what sensations you plan to “exacerbate” and not overload the bottom’s nervous system. Everything should be in moderation.