Macrophilia Is A Pleasure for The Elite

Macrophilia is love to giants. However, this is a too simplified variant of the definition of this fetish. It is often confused with other versions of larger preferences. Let's get it right.

Only Taller Than...

Macrophilia is a perversion in which people are sexually aroused from people significantly taller than they are. Yes, it is height. Weight and body volume have nothing to do with macrophilia. As a rule, in real life, the difference in height between partners is rarely so great, so most macrophiles live in a fantasy world where their partner becomes gigantic.

Interesting fact: macrophilia is a pleasure for men. There are significantly fewer women who prefer very high partners than men. However, it’s easier for men to realize their imagination because their partners can wear high-heeled shoes.

Psychology does not explain the origins of gigantomania in both sexes, however, notes that such a perversion belongs to the category of “harmless” fetishes. That is, passion for high partners does not develop in the disease and does not lead to serious psychological trauma.

The modern macrophile has something to live out his imagination on the Internet. The tricks of photographers and Photoshop make many people significantly higher than they really are. If a macrophile meets a truly high partner in life, in most cases he is ready for any accomplishments, if only the object of fantasy is left nearby.

Macrophilia And Other Fetishes

Despite the fact that macrophilia is associated exclusively with height, this fetish is often combined with other strong addictions. For example, foot fetishism. After all, the giant’s partner most likely has a large foot.

Also, macrophiles are not infrequently admirers of large breasts. However, it is not necessary to be a macrophile to admire a fifth-size breast. Also, tall fans like big eyes and lips, and in special cases, ears. Needless to say, they also like large buttocks and hips.

In addition, macrophiles are quite often submissives, ready to submit to the Mistress. This is due to the fact that often their imagination includes the desire to be crushed by a giant partner. At the psychological level, this is manifested in the desire to be suppressed by the will of the Mistress.

Macrophilia as a sexual deviation is not as common as other types of fetish. On the other hand, it is possible that fetishists are content with photographs and do not realize their fantasies in reality, leaving them exclusively with themselves and for themselves.