Lifestyle or 24/7: Does it work in S/M pairs?

BDSM as a lifestyle perceive by very few people. Frankly, even the thematic of the thematic is not able to fully understand if they have different preferences in the Theme. Of course, we are all different: someone prefers domination, someone pain, and someone a beautiful harness on the whole body and a high suspension on hooks. But is it possible to live in it all the time?

Theme as Brain Disease

They say it is impossible to devote yourself to something completely. At least three hours a day, but relegated to s***p. But if you omit this convention, the Theme in the head "lives" constantly. If we are talking about the thematic, of course, and not the kinkstere or the experimenter, for whom BDSM is only a spice for life, and not its foundation.

There is an opinion that lifestyle is impossible, because life and responsibilities in society do not allow to fully realize themselves in the Theme. This is especially true for S/M couples, where pain plays a key role for partners. We are talking about banal fatigue: after all the social conventions, there is simply no strength left for the session or even its elements. Is it possible to practice BDSM on a schedule and call it lifestyle? Or is it still a session relationship?

Each thematic pair independently establishes its own rules by which their relations will operate and develop. Total obedience and execution of orders can tire no worse than working for a full day. They also say that BDSM Lifestyle to a certain extent devalues ​​the practices themselves: that is, the life don’t eat up the relationship, and the sessions themselves become everyday life and responsibilities.

Sadist and Masochist 24/7

It is a mistake to assume that one can whip and be the object of whipping for so long and so much. However, sadism has many shades and forms, and as long as the wounds on the body heal, you can deal with the soul, that is, psychological sadism. And, perhaps, this is one of the most controversial and dangerous practices, the consequences of which are not predictable.

On the other hand, taking care of a partner after especially successful and painful flogging is also BDSM relationships and the time spent on treating wounds can be accurately included in the notorious 24/7. In addition, a masochist can indulge his sadist with practitioners from the yellow list — the very one where restrictions, not Taboo, are written — something to the point of pain and fear.

An indisputable fact with which almost everyone agrees: the BDSM lifestyle style relations require a high degree of trust and openness from both partners. It is possible to hide something at a session or leave it behind closed doors, when the partner is constantly nearby, the secret becomes an ugly pile of garbage that prevents breathing.

And what is the conclusion? Very simple: any theory has the right to life, and only practice proves its viability.