Singletails: Snake, Whip and Lash

When it comes to whipping devices, there may be two, and three and ten opinions from the masters and end users (Sadists) and consumers (Masochists). And it's not about the difference in tastes, but in the difference in sensations that can be obtained from one or another device.

Singletails are rarely popular with newbies, while experienced thematics say they are undervalued among BDSM fans. Today, the three most popular types of tails are under consideration: snake, whip and lash.


The name itself already says that the device is flexible and malleable like a snake's body and can be of different lengths: from 80 centimeters to 4 meters. There are shorter options, but not every Master will risk using it for a session. Often Snake is called a whip without a rigid handle. The snake core can be made of leather or silicone, its ergonomics, usability and impact strength will depend on it. Working with a snake requires skills, so you should not start with too long device. In addition, the length gauge still needs a good swing, and for this you need free space. Lots of free space. At the end of the snake there are usually several thin tails, which provide a stinging effect from each blow.


Since ancient times, the whip has been used as a means of punishing disobedient slaves and animals. It has a special design, which consists of a rigid handle (usually wooden), which can be braided with leather, a long braided body, a thin foul and a cracker made of horsehair or a synthetic thread.

When striking with a swing of a whip, and especially a foul, it can develop supersonic speed, due to which the cracker produces a characteristic loud sound, resembling a click or a pop. To frighten this pop is already enough. But when striking the body, you should carefully calculate your strength, the cracker with a knot at the end very easily dissects the skin. Therefore, the whip is not recommended to work on particularly sensitive areas: thighs and buttocks. But it is ideal for back and masochists with a high pain threshold.

Some masters use the whip to combine flagellation with a b*******y, cutting the back of the back with the tip of the whip, and not with a knife. B****y drips on the body make show infernal.


The lash was also created for cattle shoulder strap and has a structure similar to the whip: a rigid handle, a wicker body and, instead of thin threads of a cracker, slaps at the end. This made it possible not to injure the skin, but to deliver a significant blow. In BDSM, this rule also works – blows with a lash can be painful, leave marks in the form of bruises, but do not cut the skin. As a rule, a lash is not long, but there are exceptions here too. This flexible percussion weapon is not too common as a device for BDSM games, but in the arsenal of gourmets there are not only such thing.


The use of singletails during whipping, as a rule, testifies to the skill of the Sadist and the sophistication of the Masochist. But still, to truly appreciate the benefits of different types, you need to try everything on your own skin. In this case, literally.