What To Wear To My First Event?

 Going to your first BDSM hookup or meetup may already be very exciting as it is, but remember that you have an important thing to take care of: your outfit. The BDSM culture is definitely not all about looks and fashion, but most BDSM people will tell you that the appearance of their master or mistress is very important for them. So, let’s take a look at what outfits you could pick for different types of BDSM events. 

Dressing for a munch

Munches are usually held in restaurants or other public settings, so the dress code for such events is pretty casual. You’ll see people swing by after work wearing suits, jeans, and all sorts of casual clothes. Since this will be your first time meeting your local BDSM club members, you’ll likely be nervous, so go for something comfortable.

Dressing for a conference-type event

BDSM-related conferences may be all about self-expression and dressing up, in which case you’ll probably need a bunch of “standard” fetish items and possibly, costumes. However, if the event has more of an educational vibe to it, you may want to wear something sleek and formal. Some conference organizers will actually provide tips regarding the expected dress code, so be sure to check that out.

Dressing for a BDSM club event

Your outfit choice for a club or dungeon party will depend on whether or not the event features a theme. If it does, just go with it: dress as a sexy teacher or a nerdy student for Back to School theme, and so on. If it doesn’t, you most likely have a great degree of freedom choosing your look. BDSM fetish items like high heels, stockings, and corsets are always appreciated at such events, but you can’t go wrong with a black T-shirt and tight black pants either. If you are going for something more exotic and provoking, avoid wearing too revealing clothes for first-time club visits. Otherwise you may end up violating the club’s policy about exposing your body. Finally, club events may also have some dress code rules provided for potential guests, so always be sure to know and follow those.

As you can see, dressing for your first BDSM events may be challenging, but it is also fun and rewarding to proudly wear your chosen outfit. If you find yourself completely overwhelmed, you can always resort to BDSM forums and ask for help there, or ask the people you meet at a munch - after all, they also had to choose their BDSM outfit for the first time at some point.