Can Intelligence be Sexy? What It’s Like to be Sapiosexual

Some people are attracted to muscular bodies while others enjoy partners with beautiful voices. But, there are some people for whom intelligence is the ultimate turn on. Let’s find out more about this interesting fetish!

Who is a sapiosexual?

If you have never heard this term before, sapiosexual is someone who finds intelligence extremely attractive. When it comes to the type of intelligence that is considered sexy, it is different for every person. Thanks to social media, more people are aware of this term and can identify with it, even describing themselves as sapiosexual on dating sites. It is definitely a great thing, as now people who consider intelligence their kink can find each other easily.

What is it like to date a sapiosexual?

Whether you are straight or a part of the LGBT community, one of the best things you can do when dating a sapiosexual is to minimize small talk. While it’s normal at the beginning, talking about the weather will definitely bore a sapiosexual. They can tolerate it, but not for a long time.

If you are someone who loves traveling, does a research in a certain area, or something along those lines, you should not hide this information from a sapiosexual. At the same time, this will allow you to find out if you are compatible from the beginning and not waste your time. Because why would you want to date someone who just doesn’t share your type of intelligence?  

Pretending to be dumb is not a turn on

If you are an intelligent person, you should avoid the mistake of pretending to be less smart. You should never pretend to be dumb for anyone, but it’s definitely a huge mistake with a sapiosexual. Being with someone who is wise, clever, and astute is what sapiosexuals long for, so just be yourself!

This problem is especially common with women. A lot of females are worried that they will make another person feel bad if they demonstrate how intelligent they actually are. But, it’s quite sad to hide a part of you and there is no need to do that!  

Most people enjoy being with someone who is intelligent

The ultimate conclusion is that there are fetish websites and numerous people in the world that find intelligence a huge turn on. You should use your skills and not be afraid to display your intelligence! When one boring conversation comes to an end, there are so many opportunities for powerful and inspiring talks to take place.

Intelligence is the ability to seek, understand, and implement knowledge. It’s great news that there are people out there who find this quality so incredibly sexy. Don’t be shy and let other sapiosexuals see you!