Collars, Cuffs, and Chastity Belts. Choose your destiny.

The BDSM world is full of wonder little and not so little toys which make it all the more exciting. However, when we think about BDSM, we usually imagine collars, cuffs, and sometimes chastity belts. Collars have even become a mainstream fashion trend.


There is a great variety of collars out there, ranging from light leather straps that can be worn in public to solid leather structures equipped with many functional O-rings that any slave would love to wear. Only your sub can tell you their collar preference; whether it’s going to be close-fitting leather or spiky metal, the main thing is for your slave to feel truly owned.If you do decide to use collars during scene play, we advise you to purchase a leather collar with O-rings, as it will allow you to tug your slave around and provide you with the most functionality.


Just like collars, cuffs are also sometimes worn as a fashion accessory; while at other times can be very practical. Fashion is gradually embracing more and more elements from BDSM scene; thus, you’ll be able to get away with wearing very functional, sturdy cuffs out in public. You might turn heads, but you’ll see nothing but lust from men and nothing but envy from women. If you prefer something a bit different, BDSM shops offer a large variety of slim “bracelets” that mimic cuffs; though of course, only robust leather cuffs with O-rings can be used to truly restrict someone’s movement. Also, you can always have one set of cuffs for going out in public and another functional kind to be used at home.

Chastity Belts

There is nothing better than preventing someone from having an orgasm and then finally allowing them to experience it. Chastity belts allow doing just that. The concept is simple: it is a pair of sturdy underwear that can only be taken off by using a key. Just imagine using a chastity belt in conjunction with a remote controlled vibrator. Set the vibrator to a minimum setting and watch your slave squirm and beg you for a sweet release. If you’ve ever wondered about how to cum handsfree this is one of the surefire ways to do it. You can even wear a chastity belt in public and no one will suspect a thing. Male chastity belts and chastity belts designed for women greatly differ, so keep that in mind when buying one.