Domestic slavery

Domestic slavery is the format of contractual relationships in BDSM, primarily in the femdom. This term means service by the bottom - he performs household needs of the Top, like household work. It is important to note that this is the game form of the relationship, that is, the DB practice: in DS relations, the term "domestic slavery" is practically not used. Of course, in the DS pairs, the bottom one also performs household work. However, there, first, the service itself is comprehensive and continuous, and the separation of individual elements does not make sense. Secondly, these words designate the format of relations, and not specific "practices", that is, the actions produced by the Top. This format assumes that partners do not negotiate the transfer of the right to make decisions, but namely about domestic slavery - alone or in combination with other practices. Household slavery borders on another practice DB - pagism, but differs from it in psychological context. In maledom the term "domestic slavery" is used extremely rarely, which is due to the difference in perception of the gender roles of the bottom andTop compared with the femdom. The motives of the bottom, in the case of domestic slavery, can be different. This is a sadomasochistic pleasure from submission, and a fetish (for example, to an inaccessible sexual object), and just a desire to get "in the kit" other practices that he needs. Household slavery can include both works performed by the bottom, and the etiquette of interaction with the Top, as well as punishments. That is, it is a long-term, complex role-playing game in which the game reality and ordinary life merge. It can include game depersonalization or not. Thus, domestic slavery can be a source of strong emotions for both partners. This explains its prevalence.