Crossdressing: How to Say to Yourself and Others?

Crossdressing is the desire to wear clothes of the opposite sex, while feeling sexual arousal. This is most often referred to kink fetishes inherent in men, however, women crossdressers are also found.

Some Important Facts

First, crossdressing is not a disease, you don’t need to be treated for it or panic. If you are a man and suddenly noticed that stockings on your own legs excite you a lot more than on your girlfriend's legs, this does not mean that you turn into a homosexual. Just now crossdressing is your new kink.

Secondly, crossdressing has nothing to do with orientation. Heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual and other "sexual" men can dress as women. However, this rule also applies to women.

Thirdly, it is not always the crossdresser in BDSM that intends to try himself as a submissive or a masochist. It happens that exactly the opposite, the clothing of the opposite sex gives a feeling of strength and power, and then the crossdresser tries himself on Top.

In a word, if you suddenly find yourself in the female store and are glad that there was a bikini of your size, you shouldn’t get upset or worry. Think of it as a pleasant highlight in life, or even a peppercorn that will spice up both sexual and social life.

How to Admit to Others?

Actually, it’s worth starting with the question: is it really necessary for you? Do you really want others to know that about you? If you want to confess to someone specific, for example, your partner – you should consider a kind of strategy, that is, a plan for gradually introducing the world of fetishes. If you are eager for recognition, then the road to the travesty divas is for you and this is a completely different scenario.

You can find like-minded people online, attend theme clubs and parties, so you will get support and communication. However, if you want to share this fetish with someone who is dear to you, first of all, find out the person’s attitude to this kind of entertainment. Even people open to experimentation can react sharply to crossdressing. Therefore, it is important to immediately go through the preparatory stage.

Do not dump information about your fetish immediately, and do not start with photos – this can be shocking. However, you can start with the stories and follow the partner’s reaction. If he shows interest, enthusiasm and curiosity – you are on the right track, it will be easier further. If you see no understanding in the eyes, the preparatory stage may be delayed. However, do not despair. Perhaps if you describe the feelings that a person experiences when dressing up, you will achieve the desired reaction.

You can also share your fantasies, but make it mutual: you’ll tell me, I’ll tell you. Create the right atmosphere, mood and move on to the discussion. The main thing is a feeling of relaxation and comfort.