Facesitting is the BDSM practice which involves sitting on the face of the bottom partner. Facesitting can be just a part of oral sex (cunnilingus), but its main purpose and meaning is humiliation play, so it can be accompanied by both cunnilingus and anilingus, as well as golden rain or coprophagy. You can combine it with other humiliations plays. Most often, this practice is used in the femdom. Methods of facesitting. There are three positions for sitting on the face: Face to face. The first option is most convenient for cunnilingus. It is also convenient in that in this case the bottom sees the actions of the Top, it is convenient to talk with him. Face to feet. This position is convenient for anilingus (anus licking) and farthing (that is, the emission of gases in the face of the bottom), or allows it to be subjected to various pain or sexual effects. Sideways. There are also various options for fixing the bottom's body when using any of these positions, although in most cases it is performed without fixation. Top often performs facesitting without clothes, or in fetish suits, leaving genitals naked. But it can be performed in ordinary clothes - for example, when the bottom has fetish is on an inaccessible sexual object. This practice is not always accompanied by direct sexual contact. Special furniture can be used for facesitting, but it can be carried out on any soft surface. Facesitting and accompanying practices are the subject of various literary works, movies, etc. Moreover, it can be viewed both in the BDSM context and outside it - as a sexual or purely fetish practice. Facesitting as an extreme variant of breath control. Sometimes facesitting is used as an option of the practice of breath control or a**********n. This is an extreme, extremely dangerous (in any case!) practice. Facesitting is its option, in which the state of the bottom is most difficult to control, and this threatens not only his health, but also life. This option can not be used by the Tops, who do not have the necessary knowledge and skills in a simpler version of breath control. In this case it is necessary to comply with all the safety measures necessary for breathing monitoring. In particular, it is necessary to ensure that the bottom can at any time terminate the action, constantly monitor his condition, and be able to call for an emergency and self-sustaining resuscitation before its arrival.