Fetish Clothes that You Can Wear in Public

Fetish clothing is not necessarily reserved to your bedroom play. Some of the elements can be worn in public but remain hidden under your clothes, while other elements can be worn out in the open and make you look kinky as hell.

What can be worn underneath?

There are many kinky things that you can wear underneath your regular outfit. You can even get away with pretty extreme stuff while staying completely discreet. Only you and maybe your special other will know about it, and the thrill of it will be a huge turn on.

Lingerie, corsets, and hosiery

Lingerie and hosiery fetishes are pretty vanilla and are nowadays considered the norm for any lady who wants to feel a look sexy. However, it doesn’t diminish how much of a turn on it can be, if you have this type of fetish. Corsets are a bit less common and can provide you with an exquisite feeling of constriction, while accentuating the hourglass shape of your body.

Rope bondage, harnesses, and vibrators


Rope bondage, especially one created from a thin rope, can be easily hidden under practically any clothing. Unless you decide to wear skin-tight clothes to work, no one will even suspect that you’re wearing anything out of the ordinary. Well-made rope bondage will rub you in all the right places making it extremely hard for you to sit through the whole day, waiting for the evening to finally come.

Leather harnesses are an alternative to rope bondage. Some of them are pretty massive, but others can easily fit under regular clothing. They provide a feeling similar to rope bondage while creating a lot less friction.

Hidden vibrators — now there is a whole different ball game. 

While fetish clothing, rope bondage, and harnesses can be a huge turn on, they primarily stimulate your mind because you know that you’re doing something naughty while wearing them in public. Wearable vibrators, on the other hand, stimulate both your body and mind. What can be more thrilling than cumming your brains out, while no one suspects a thing? Especially, if it’s your master or mistress who is in control and you are in a very public place. Female and male chastity belts can be used to push this experience even further. Simply turn on the vibrator to a setting that will gradually drive your slave wild with desire, without providing a sweet release.