Furry as A Separate Type of Fetish

The Furry Community is a group of fans of anthropomorphic animals who associate themselves with them, endowing with purely human character traits, the ability to erect and wear clothing. Someone says that in this way adults play dolls, only in a different way, however, the subculture that has developed since the early 70s of the last century, completely refutes this.

Furry and Sexuality

Polls show that furry are sexually active people of a wide variety of orientations. At the same time, they can associate themselves with different types of animals and be in a pair. What is impossible in nature is possible in the world of furry – Tigers with Rabbits and Cats with Mice.

Many furry polygamous and polyamoric, are in relationships with several other animals or ordinary people, not from the community. For them there are no restrictions. Putting on a furry suit, a fan of movement literally reincarnates, trying on a new personality and habits.

Furry have sex in costumes. This is not the most common fact, and not all of them do so, however, there is a special category of meetings in which furry rub against each other, imitating frictions and making animal sounds. For them, such games serve as a way to manifest this side of the furry animal nature.

Furry Fetishism

It is not necessary to wear a suit to be a fan of furry, you can enjoy the visual picture from the side. This is exactly what is included in the concept of furry fetishism – not to be inside the community, but to enjoy observation, touch or intercourse.

Is furry fetishism considering a sexual deviation or disease? Is this a step towards b*********? The short answer is no. For all the questions. Since the furry is still not real and not toy animals, but anthropomorphic creatures endowed with human qualities, the attraction to them cannot be regarded either as a disease or as an alarm bell. This is another type of fetish that drives a certain category of people.

As already mentioned, furry is not always in a relationship with their own kind. They are great at building relationships with people outside the community and this is great news for fetishists who like to stroke the furry suit fur. It is important to understand that the furry is not a pet and there is nothing in common with pet-play. You are unlikely to be able to chain such a dog or train a lion. On the other hand, the role of the Top Furry is also not suitable – they stand a little apart from BDSM and practices close to them, but as close as possible to fetishism.

Furry is not cosplay, it is an image worn by people of different professions and social statuses. And other people – furry fetishists – enjoy this almost more than furry themselves.