Games In Public: How Not to Go Beyond What Is Permitted?

Public games are one of the shameful fetishes that are most often concealed especially carefully. But secrecy, in particular, makes it so sweet and desirable. It is important to understand that any public action should be carried out according to predetermined rules, otherwise it may turn from a piquant fun into a headache.

Sex Games

Public sex, and it is what people most often think about when an offer to play on public sounds, is good only in certain places. For example, at an open swingers party or a closed sex party. Secret sex in a public place, such as oral sex in a movie, is incredibly exciting, but also dangerous. As well as public sex on the beach: even if you are completely surrounded by nudists, this does not mean that you can safely indulge in sweet delights.

Public sex with elements of BDSM is generally a separate conversation. Yes, there are closing clubs where the fetish for publicity, voyeurism and exhibitionism is encouraged and even raised to a cult, however, it definitely does not work in a restaurant or theater.

A public sexual game is rather an aperitif, a prelude to the main action and it is important to remember the standards of decency and the comfort of others, even if your personal standards of morality allow you much more. Most often, girls appear in public without underwear and in a short skirt, which gives the partner easy access to the vagina: full penetration is risky, but fingering can be incendiary. The use of vaginal balls and anal plugs will also add seasoning to a fresh evening walk. A man can also be limited only to trousers, which will allow the partner to caress a dick just by unzipping the pants.

Public Humiliation

Persistent D/S relationships can go far beyond sessions. This may be appropriate in the circle of like-minded people practising BDSM, but completely odd in the queue at the supermarket or at a public event. Dominance does not always manifest itself as public humiliation, simple execution of orders makes you excited almost the same. But before getting involved in such games, it is important to follow a few recommendations.

  1. Discuss everything in a relaxed atmosphere. The main condition of games in public is the comfort of both partners, otherwise, it will turn into unnecessary t*****e without achieving the desired effect.
  2. Use stop words. The fact that the submissive is not exposed to obvious humiliation does not mean that he cannot stop what is happening, leave him such a right and stipulate conditions.
  3. Follow the rules. The submissive can hardly call the Top a “Master” in public, but it is possible to show the degree of his respect and submission in other ways. For example, ask permission for any little things: sit down, go to the toilet, talk to someone. In established pairs, this can be solved even with a single glance.
  4. Public affection and encouragement. Of course, it is hard to caress a slave girl like a dog, obediently performing the commands of the owner, but it would be good to come up with signs of attention that would make it clear that everything is done right.

Of course, in some cases, it turns out to act intuitively, but it is better to save yourself from unpleasant surprises in advance, otherwise, your D/S connection will be called abuse relations. That not only does not reflect the essence but may even be an insult.