The Embodiment of Fantasy: Cons, Pros and How to Do It?

One of the principles of a happy person is to fulfil your own dreams. So say psychologists and recent research (most likely by British scientists). However, do all dreams need to be realized?

Fear of A Come True Dream

In the beautiful principle of getting what you want, there is one significant caveat: if your desire harms others, it should not be realized immediately for several reasons. The main one is a legislative ban and the established punishment for its v*******n. And if your desire hurts, but by consent? In the grey zone of BDSM desires and fantasies, fear is perhaps the biggest break.

And no matter how strange it may sound, it is precisely the fear of a fantasy that has come true in the first place in a series of many “nightmares” of thematics. “What will I dream of if I embody my fantasy?” One will ask. “There are another thousand and one options,” the other will answer. And both will be right in their own way. Another thing is that you can realize your fantasy in different ways: to the fullest or only partially.

Worse than the fear of a realized dream can only be the fear of a poorly realized or completely not realized dream. So how is it necessary to make dreams come true?

Do It Right!

In the matter of fantasy, the criterion “correctly” is a purely subjective thing. The fantasy is individual and everyone by their own determines what should be present in it, and what is already superfluous. The pursuit of ideal turns the process of embodiment into additional t*****e, and instead of the desired pleasure, the result is only hassle and pain. Unfortunately, it’s not at all in the place where it was originally wanted and planned.

That is why two solutions are recommended: careful preparation and phased implementation of fantasy. Careful preparation is suitable for simple things, which can be realized at the first time. For example, wax play: they selected candles and tested them in advance, picked up music, decorations, created an atmosphere – voila, everything worked out!

If the fantasy is complex, for example, a long session with dressing up games, k********g, tying and submission, then each stage must be not only planned but also rehearsed in a separate session. Can you imagine what field for the activity you’ll have? And a great option for scripting sessions a few sessions ahead.

Another option available only to experienced couples is impromptu. When the fantasy is voiced and carried out in the process. You need to feel and understand your partner very subtly in order to know that you are moving in the right direction.


But the main thing, with what any embodiment of fantasy should begin, is to say it out loud to your partner. Do not forget that your thoughts are available only to you, and if you do not want this to continue, voice them openly, openly and without any hesitation.