Games with Electricity: On the Verge of What Is Permitted

One of the most extreme and dangerous practices in BDSM is playing with electricity. This is exactly the case when both partners will need both special knowledge and serious preliminary training. And yet, despite all the warnings, electric toys in the sex shop are no less popular than the classic versions of dildos.

How to Choose A Toy and Where to Start?

You need to start with learning ... anatomy. The fact is that electricity in a very special way affects the human body and before you attach an electric device to your bottom, you need to learn where it can be done and where it is impossible and why. In addition, there are a number of medical contraindications that literally prohibit the use of electricity, for example, heart and vascular diseases.

But if you already have the necessary knowledge in this area, take a hard look at the range of games offered. The so-called "magic" or "violet" wand is considered a relatively safe tool for playing with electricity in BDSM, but its use must be careful and thoughtful. Avoid areas of the heart, neck and head.

The devices of transcutaneous electrostimulation in sex shops can be supplemented with a different set of nozzles: silicone and rubber overlays for muscles, vaginal and anal stimulators, pegs on nipples, rings on the penis, etc. Do not chase after diversity, if you are just starting to explore this path – try to choose what will be most interesting and comfortable for both of you to use.

Precautionary Measures

Before using electricity as t*****e in BDSM, the bottom partner must be carefully fixed. It is better not to apply the prone position for safety reasons – during the t*****e process the tongue can fall and provide first aid in such a case is rather difficult.

Choose the correct amperage. The first sensations appear at 1 mA, the pain threshold for women is 5 mA, for men, it is 7 mA, everything above 10 mA can cause injuries, so this threshold is strictly forbidden to exceed.

Do not forget about the frequency that will determine the intensity of sensations. There is no optimal figure, it will depend only on the individual sensations of the partner. Keep in mind that, for example, at a frequency of 25 Hertz, the bottom one will receive 25 shocks per second.

Nevertheless, the main recommendation is to attend relevant seminars or chat with an experienced thematic who, in practice, will show the charms and dangers of BDSM games with electricity.