Knife play

Knife play is a practice in BDSM, in which knife is moving on bottom's body. Knife plays are based on fear of rapid movement of the knife through the body, sensation from accidentally generated superficial cuts, may involve scratching, but usually do not involve serious scarring. Nevertheless, they can be accompanied by this practice, and when discussing a game with a knife, the possibility of special cutting is discussed in advance. Methods of conducting and safety for knife play. When playing with knives, it is important to follow general safety rules, in particular, a*****l is completely excluded. You can not carry out the action tired. Knife plays can be performed in two options. - A fetish knife play is almost safe; it is performed with blunt knives that do not cut the skin, sometimes previously placed in the refrigerator, making them seem sharp. At the same time, scarring and stabbing of the skin with the tip of the knife can be performed, usually without disturbing skin's integrity. - Traditional version of the knife play involves working with a sharp knife, capable of causing serious cuts. There are certain recommendations for choosing such knives. In particular, it is not recommended to use knives from Damascus steel, which has a wavy nature - they are difficult to disinfect. Knife sharpening is carried out on a fine-grained stone so that there is no nothes. The angle of sharpening is 20-30 degrees. All kinds of scalpels and similar tools are not used in knife play - they are intended only for scarring, in which the incision is made to leave a scar, and is accurately calculated. The absence or minimization of cuts in knife plays is determined by the skill of the sadist. It will require complete control of the situation and attention. Do not put pressure on the knife, usually the movement is carried out with an angle to the body, so as not to cut the skin. It is necessary to preliminary examine the bottom in order to avoid all sorts of moles when playing. Movements in the nipples, groin, face and neck, as well as crook of elbows and legs, wrists and similar zones where even superficial cuts can be extremely dangerous, can only be carried out with some experience. It is important to monitor the condition of the bottom - he can go into subspace and start falling, or make involuntary movements, which entails a serious risk. If cuts are made while playing with knives, it can only be performed in safe areas. Depth of cut is no more than 2-3 mm (maximum!), that is, no more than the skin thickness. There is a technique for making cuts, which it is better to learn in practice from experienced subject members. It is necessary to have a first aid kit with a tourniquet, a dressing bag and sterile napkins, a plaster, a*****l napkins and antiseptics. It is also advisable to have an ice. Bottom's body is pre-treated with a disinfection liquid. After the action, cuts are processed and sterilized napkins are applied to them under the patch. Additional features. There are options of knife play when the body of the bottom is covered (usually loosely) with a thin cloth, and then this cloth is cut by sliding movements of the knife. This version of the game requires firstly - perfect possession of a knife, and secondly - a very sharp tool, and is not intended for beginners.