Hook suspension is a painful practice in which hooks are inserted under the skin on the back, chest, arms or legs and a person is suspended from them. It is an extreme practice that provides both subspace and other effects. In general, Suspensions are already acquiring the features of a separate subculture. Festivals are held, feature films are produced. There are associations of suspension enthusiasts, both those who are part of the BDSM community and those who do not associate themselves with it. Motivations for this practice can be not only sadomasochism, but also the love of extreme entertainment, the desire to test themselves, to get new experience. Methods of suspension. When hanging, it is important to ensure safety, and to get the effect of pain, as well as the change of body position in the subsequent impacts. There are a large number of variations of suspension. - Suicide suspension: vertically on hooks threaded through the skin of the back. Despite the intimidating name (derived only from associations with the hanging posture), this is a traditional type of suspension. - Crucifixion: hooks are also threaded through the skin of the arms. - Vertical suspension by the chest, also called "O-Ki-Pa style". - Horizontal suspension, which is divided into two types: face up (this pose is called "coma") and face down. - Lotus: a rather complicated suspension in lotus pose. - Suspension by the elbows, knees, calves, in the latter cases upside down. Special hooks (they come in many forms) are threaded through the skin through punctures made with needles. The location of the punctures and the type of hooks are determined based on the hanging option. The number of hooks depends on the person's weight and level of experience. The hooks are attached to a special "kingpin" or frame with a rope or chain. The weight of the person being suspended is evenly distributed on them. After that, the person is lifted into the air, may be rocked, subjected to various influences, such as flogging, and so on. The duration of suspension depends on the experience and endurance of the person being suspended, and can last from a few minutes to hours. Suspensions can be group suspensions (tandem suspensions). There are also different variants of games close to it: for example, so-called pulling, where two people (with their feet on the ground) pull each other by ropes attached by hooks to the skin. There are extreme variants of hanging - in particular, jumping on hooks. Suspension safety precautions. Suspension is a dangerous practice that requires strict adherence to both general safety precautions, such as aseptic rules, and special safety precautions. In particular, it is necessary to undergo preliminary training with experienced masters. It is important to correctly calculate the puncture sites, the type and number of hooks, load the hooks evenly. The skin is disinfected, the hooks should also be sterilized, all manipulations are performed with gloves. The person performing the suspension constantly monitors the condition of the suspended person. After removing the hooks, the punctures are treated with disinfectant, sterile wipes are applied and secured. The necessary means should be available to assist in the event of an emergency.