Let’s Destroy Myths: Light BDSM

As a rule, when mentioning BDSM, most people imagine dungeons, t*******s with chains and the Dominant in the form of an almost executioner, while the bottom one in this picture is a victim of violence. In fact, the facets of BDSM are much larger, for example, there is a light or soft version of BDSM games and relationships.

Rough sex and Submission

A lighter version of BDSM means both simplified practices and a more careful attitude towards the partner. A sadist or dominant leaves no traces and does not go too far with humiliation, and the punishment can be from the category of prohibitions or deprivation, that is, without bodily influence.

Soft BDSM practitioners may include genital bondage or men's chastity belts, bans on touching yourself or your partner, restricting freedom of movement or speech. Fixation and gag during sex, play of r**e, imaginary resistance can also be part of a soft BDSM.

What About Pain?

If it seems to you that the masochist cannot enjoy the light version of BDSM, then you are mistaken. Even in the case when pain is the main trigger, the ways of its production can be different. A wax candle with a low temperature regime, but applied in a particularly sensitive place, will not leave a mark, and the pain will be in abundance. In addition, a number of devices allow you to gently influence the body of a masochist, burning the skin with blows, but not bringing it to a critical state.

In BDSM, there are no absolutely safe practices, especially for sex a******a or water games, which often complement the sessions of experienced practitioners. However, for light BDSM, you can choose the option with a tight collar, which significantly squeezes, but does not c***e.

About love and Laughter

Laughter is considered the best seasoning for sex. The same can be said about soft BDSM, when the game gets only stronger if you add a little tickling or vulgar joke to it. Dirty conversations can also be with an element of humor.

However, the most important element of soft BDSM practices is love. Love for your partner, which manifests itself in absolute trust, love of pain, submission, fetish, etc. The exchange of energy, the desire to please your Master or to possess your Bottom – those whales, on which practically all BDSM relations are built (perhaps, except for S/M). And not always this is all expressed in glories, but in actions. The ability to understand a silent order or a prayer in one glance speaks of the highest degree of harmony and mutual understanding in a pair, regardless of the depth of immersion in BDSM.

Do you understand each other by one look?