Mummification as A Special Kind of Bondage

It is possible to deprive the mobility of the bottom partner not only with the help of ropes and clamps, but also with the help of a conventional ... film. The process itself is called mummification, and it is really a “relative” of bondage.

What Is So Attractive BDSM Mummification?

Limiting the mobility of a partner is a double feeling for each of the participants. The bottom one feels its helplessness, the Top one – its total power. At the same time, fear can trigger the bottom one, and the Top one should remain focused on the state of its partner, monitor its state of health.

Mummification, on the contrary, gives the bottom feeling of comfort and security, thanks to the process itself and the material chosen.

As a rule, a food or construction film is used for the practice, in which the body of the bottom partner is wrapped - in whole or in part. Only the legs can be wrapped, or only the torso, the body from the neck to the tips of the toes, or the whole body. The film is an affordable and soft material that can be easily fixed with scotch tape, however, bandages and tape can also be used.

Often, mummification is supplemented by sensory deprivation and the bottom one can blindfold, insert earplugs or MP3 players with relaxing music, depriving one of the senses. Gag can also be used.

Mummification Precautions

Despite the visual simplicity of the technique, mummification can be as dangerous as the classic bondage. During the wrapping, try not too tightly to stretch the film, so as not to squeeze over necessary. Your partner may be under pressure. Also, leave enough space under the film so that he can take a deep breath – difficult breathing does not give pleasure to any of the partners.

Check the state of the bottom more often: comfort and convenience are not the last in this practice. If he is worried, open his face, remove the gag (if there is one), talk to him, calm him down and return to the previous state.

Removing the film can be quite difficult – purchase in advance surgical scissors that will not hurt your partner when cutting the wrapper. Be especially careful close to head, face, and hair. The process of film removal can be the same revelation as wrapping it in film, try to keep the fetish in this moment.