Oral sex

Oral sex is a sex in which sexual arousal and/or orgasm is achieved by exposing the genitals to lips or tongue. This sex in BDSM, in addition to actually receiving orgasm, often also has a complementary symbolic context of "subordination" and "humiliation". There are a number of techniques for oral sex, where the moment of "coercion" and "humiliation" is emphasized - in particular, irrigation. In this regard, we can recall the ironic abbreviation OYNBS - "On-your-knees-bitch-suck", which became the symbol of the favorite "practice" of some fans of humiliation. Terminology. The word blowjob comes from the French faire des minettes - to tickle, caress. This is a common name for different types of oral sex, in which the male penis is arosed by the mouth, tongue or throat. Quite rarely used synonyms in the old specialized literature: penilination, phallatorism (from the Greek phallus). Interesting that in the late 19th century, a "prostitute" word was used in Russian, and in the early 20th century, the word "blowjob" was sometimes used to denote cunnilingus. The main forms of blowjob: fellatio (actually blowjob) and irrumation. These methods are to some extent opposed to each other. The word fellatio comes from the Latin fello - to suck, in this case a cock or scrotum is licked, sucked or n*****d. In addition, sometimes hand movements on the penis can be used. Irrumation (from the Latin irrumatio), in contrast to fellatio, includes active movements (frictions) of the penis in the mouth. At the same time, the accepting partner remains passive, often retained, so that he does not interfere with the process. The variant of irrumation is the technique of "deep throat", when the cock is inserted most deeply and moves in the throat. Kunilingus (in common parlance "skull-job") - licking of female genital organs. As in the case of blowjob, different versions of skull-job are possible: in particular, the so-called "f****d skull-job", an analog of irrumation. Addition to oral sex can be some role-playing games, for example, "Snowballing", when, after ejaculation in the mouth, sperm is passed on to other partners through a kiss. As a result of shaking up, sperm increases in volume. Finally, there is also autofellation: it is rather a kind of masturbation, when a sufficiently flexible man orally aroses his own penis. Safety in oral sex. Oral sex suggests the possibility of transmission of all those infections that are transmitted during classical sex. In particular, it's syphilis, hepatitis, herpes and many others. HIV (AIDS) is also transmitted in this way can, although the probability of infection in this case is somewhat lower than with vaginal or anal sex. Therefore, it is preferable to use condoms (for men) and thin food film (for women). There are special condoms for blowjob with various flavors.