Sex Machines: Pleasure for A Couple and For One

Sex can also be a t*****e, especially if in the process additional equipment – sex machines – are applied. A few years ago, they could only be seen in porn movies, but today most sex shops offer machines of various shapes, sizes and configurations to order.

Sex Machines: Types

Conventionally, sex machines can be divided into two types: stationary and manual. As a rule, stationary sex machines are bulkier and more massive, while manual models can be quite light and ergonomic. The design itself is quite simple, its main element is a movable rod, at the end of which a masturbator or dildo is placed. Progressive movements of the rod set in motion the nozzle, which is used during sexual games.

Stationary machines can be controlled from the console, so they are often used alone – after all, additional partner assistance is not required. In addition, modern machines allow you to adjust the frequency of movements, that is, completely controlling the process. And yet, couples who have tried this entertainment say that at a certain stage it is already quite difficult to maintain sobriety of the mind and control the machine.

Manual sex machine can also be used independently, however, this may require both additional efforts and the choice of a special pose. Comfortably to relax and enjoy – or get a punishment – from using a handheld sex machine is only possible with outside help.

How to Choose A Sex Machine?

First you need to decide on the purpose and presence of a partner. If you are planning to have fun on your own, stationary sex machines are the perfect choice. If you plan to make this a pair game, then manual models may also be suitable for you.

Carefully read the instructions and recommendations on the use of the machine, its principle of operation and precautions. Some double penetration sex machines have their own design and work, which also needs to be considered.

You can purchase a model with one or several nozzles. The main thing, do not forget that for the dildo you will need condoms and special lubricant, and after using the nozzle, it must be thoroughly washed and dried.

Sex machines can be widely used for the practice of delayed orgasm or t*****e of a carefully fixed partner. And yet, their main purpose – to obtain sexual pleasure. Enjoy the process.