Cuckolding: Voyeurism or Swinging?

Sexual deviations, which are often attributed to diseases, are mostly diverse ways to get the most out of sex. Cuckolding is one of these methods, which is becoming increasingly popular, including in the BDSM environment.

What Is the Essence of Cuckolding?

The name itself comes from the English “cuckold”, and in general, this is the whole point of the practice. Cuckolding is a betrayal of a wife with another man in front of her husband, Cuckold. Strange as it may sound, many sexologists are convinced that cuckolding can establish sexual relations in a couple and even become part of family therapy. They argue that watching his wife in the arms of another man allows her husband to take a fresh look at his soul mate, to arouse in him a very strong spark of desire.

At the same time, it is important to distinguish cuckolding from swinging, where there is a mutual exchange of partners. In this practice, a man can only watch his woman, and this is his pleasure. Very similar to voyeurism, isn't it? And again, it is not. Voyeurs, as a rule, spy on the sly, observe secretly. Cuckold also sits in the first row, and sometimes takes part in a show unfolding in front of him as an inventory – his wife can lean on him or even lie down while having sex with another man.

Cuckolding in BDSM

Despite the fact that cuckolding is a voluntary practice for both partners, they can chain their husbands, tie them to a chair or bed, seal their mouths and tie their hands, insult them in the process. It is believed that cuckolding is one of the ways of sexual humiliation and female domination. However, according to all the same sexologists, the main in this practice is still the Cuckold and it is his pleasure that is brought to the fore.

Of course, this does not prevent the wife from enjoying the process – having sex with another man, and even with the absolute consent of her husband. As a rule, a stronger alpha male with a larger penis is chosen to partner with his wife, although this is not a prerequisite. The porn industry quickly picked up the trend and filled the market with porn movies for cuckolding fans, where large black men act as sex partners. And this, by the way, is also not a prerequisite.

Another interesting note: a cuckolding can only be in such a variation – betraying a wife to a husband, and not vice versa. All practices where the wife watches her husband’s adventures are attributed either to threesome or voyeurism.