Orgasm control

Orgasm control is a sexual practice used in BDSM that involves a system of training, as a result of which the bottom gains the ability to have an orgasm without coitus or other interactions - at the order of the Top. Another name is f****d orgasm, but it does not accurately reflect the essence of the practice. The training consists of two parts. First, the bottom is trained to delay orgasm until he receives permission from the Top. Then he is trained to orgasm on command - sometimes by a conditional gesture, without the prior physical stimulation usually required. This practice can be used in both regular Ds couples and in couples practicing etiquette games. Surrendering control of one's sexuality - means for the bottom to surrender as completely as possible to the power of the Top over one's body. The desire of the bottom to surrender this control is a necessary precondition for this kind of lressure. Postponed orgasm. The first stage of education in the management of orgasm is to ensure that orgasm can be delayed until the Top permits it. To do this, it is necessary to convey to the bottom that he can now experience orgasm only by permission. Each time he has sex or orders the bottom to masturbate, the top watches for signs of approaching orgasm. If orgasm is approaching, but the submissive has not yet asked for permission, he must be reminded to do so. At first, each request should be rewarded with a quick permission, thus cementing the link between the order to cum and orgasm. Then, gradually increasing the time, it is achieved that the order of the Top becomes a necessary condition for pleasure. Orgasm by order. The second stage of training is orgasm on command. Already having a pronounced connection between orgasm and a conditional word or gesture, first give the order to have an orgasm during sex or masturbation before the bottom has asked for it. Then replace the prior physical stimulation with psychological stimulation (e.g., a special voice that arouses the bottom, arousing games, and so on). Finally, the bottom acquires the ability to orgasm on command without any prior stimulation. Dangers. There is a danger of developing sexual dysfunctions, including anorgasmia, if mistakes are made in the training process. However, the most obvious danger is the binding of the orgasm of the bottom to the orders of a particular Upper, without the possibility of experiencing it with another.