Play-piercing is a painful practice in BDSM, which involves piercing the body without installing permanent ornaments, for the duration of the action. The term comes from the English words play piercing - punctures in play. Puncture is usually performed by disposable medical needles. Needles often create an ornament, ribbons, etc. can be used for connecting needles. Play-piercing and safety techniques. Play-piercing is performed by injection needles of various sizes, preferably 0.6-0.7-0.8 millimeters in thickness, and of various lengths, depending on the purpose (traditionally 38-40 mm). The thinner the needle, the weaker the sensation. Needles differ in the color of the cannula (plastic part). Punctures should not be performed in the spine, places of large b***d vessels concentration, nerve nodes of the neck, lips. Do not pierce the cavernous bodies, and some other parts of the body. All manipulations are performed in sterile disposable gloves by disposable sterile needles. Repeated use of them, including for the same bottom, is unacceptable. Entire piercing area is treated with medical a*****l (70%). After treatment you cannot touch the skin with non-sterile objects. With two fingers, also having treated them with a*****l, pull the skin and with the second hand make a puncture and tunnel under the skin. Puncture is always performed through (two holes), in the upper layer of the skin, without touching the fat layer. The length of the passage is usually about 7-10 mm. After this, the needle is carefully pulled out and, holding it, brought to the cannula. The procedure is repeated for the following needles. The time of needles being in the body can usually start from 15-20 minutes. The removal of needles is also carried out in compliance with the rules of antiseptics. Gently, holding the skin with the second hand on the sides of the needle, take it out, and then stop the b***d, for 20-30 seconds pressing it to both wound and wiping the area around the puncture with a cotton wool moistened with a*****l or an a*****lic napkin. The area of punctures after this is best covered with a sterile tissue. After use, the needles are closed again with a cap and packaged for subsequent throwing out. Safety techniques are not exhausted by these rules; before the action is necessary to read detailed instructions and, best of all, consult an experienced master. Play-piercing options. There are a large number of play-piercing options that do not boil down to piercing the skin. The piercing corset is done on the back. An even number of needles is set in 2 rows and then connected by a tape. This corset can be made as a permanent, with the installation of rings in punctures, but in painful practices a temporary piercing corset on the needles is used. Cross-stitching of the labia is performed by special surgical needles and surgical sutures. This is a rather complicated and traumatic variant of practice, it can be performed by an experienced piercer. Breaking the breast with nails is also an extreme form of piercing. Since in the latter case non-disposable instruments are used, their preliminary sterilization will be required. Psychological side of practice. Needles is one of the practices that many bottoms make to the number of restrictions. But even if the bottom wants to try needles, he can experience quite a strong tension before the action. This is due to fear, often coming from c*******d. Therefore, it is important to psychologically prepare the bottom for practice, and then - to ensure attention. This will help to consolidate positive emotions and avoid subdrop.