Swinging: Diversity or Perversion?

Sexual openness and emancipation are the new global mainstream. People talk about sex out loud, share experiences, try new things and try in every way to diversify their experiences. One of the ways to get everything at once is swing. No, not that catch dance from the thirties, but the sexual practice of exchanging partners.

Do Not Confuse Terms: Swingers, Polyamors, Lovers of Group Sex

Stereotypes have not bypassed swingers: there are a lot of prejudices and false claims that are widespread in society. So!

Swinging is only about sex, no emotional or material binding to partners is assumed. This is just an exchange of partners and just sex. No more, no less. Most often this is twin fun, but there is a single swing when one of the partners is engaged in sexual intercourse, and the second is watching.

Polyamory, first of all, assumes the presence of feelings towards a secondary partner, which is completely denied by swinging. Only initial partner is important here and the emotional connection can be with him only. With group sex, the line is quite subtle, but it still is: swing can involve oral sex and petting with someone else’s partner, and full-fledged sexual intercourse with one’s own, the group orgy does not allow this.

Light, Closed and Open Swing

You do not have to plunge into the pool with your head, you can do it gradually: try the light version for yourself and decide – is it necessary for relationships or not?

  • Light swing. Involves affection, oral sex in front of a regular partner. The main goal is to excite (and not only interest), to define the boundaries of what is permitted, to diversify the prelude.
  • Closed swing. Full exchange partners behind a closed door. As a rule, this is a pair exchange with pre-agreed rules, what is possible, what is not desirable, and what is strictly prohibited.
  • Open swing. If you know what a “Roman orgy” is, then you have an idea about an open swing – this is an open exchange of partners in the same bed or room. It is recommended only for very experienced and very relaxed partners.

Those who practice swing name many advantages of such games: a pleasant variety of sexual life, seasoning to relationships, a new kind of pleasure, satisfaction of instincts. But the main principle of swinging is the voluntary consent of both partners.

The swingers themselves say that they have found a way to preserve their initial relationship: instead of deception, betrayal and secret affairs, they openly change partners, share impressions and retain their bonds. Psychologists say that swingers can only be happy in two cases: with the highest degree of trust to each other and if both partners have similar deviations, for example, voyeurism and exhibitionism.